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Monday 25 May 2020

OAU’s Law, Dentistry, Med. Rehab. and Other Departments that Just Recovered Their NUC Accreditation and their Admission for this Session [TAGS: nairaland, google, oau, postutme, post utme, post-utme, accreditation,nuc, law,dentistry, med rehab, medical rehabilitation, admission, form]

OAU’s Law, Dentistry, Med. Rehab. and Other Departments that Just Recovered Their NUC Accreditation and their Admission for this Session
I’m sure you know how it went down in the 2017/2018 session when OAU lost the NUC accreditation of some departments, and how some of them gained the partial accreditation in the 2018/2019 session, and now in the 2019/2020—which is the good news we all are very happy about at the moment—all the departments have finally been restored to their full accreditation by NUC, and now they can go back to offering admission to candidates. But the question everyone is asking now is: are these departments going to be able to offer admission for the 2020/2021 session which the UTME for has already been written earlier this year?
Even if OAU has conducted her Post-UTME exams, it would still be possible for them to offer admission into the departments that just got their NUC accreditation back, they would just have to advise applicants who are interested in these departments and have the requirements for the departments to go change to any of the departments. And now, everything is even better—thanks to the pandemic for slowing all academic activities down for a while there. Since OAU has been able to do just nothing on the admission processes of the 2020/2021 session, it means the restored accreditation is just on time. It’s still very on time to add the departments back to JAMB portal (as they have been initially removed due to the accreditation issues), and ask applicants who are interested in these departments and have the requirements for them to go change to the departments. So applicants can be expectant of when the school would advise them to do just that, and they will… soon. So, congrats to the applicants who have always wanted to study any of these courses in OAU and have been left confused for a while, and have been made to have to choose another school or department, you all can have you department and the school of your choice now. The PEC team wishes you the best of luck in the endeavour.

Monday 18 May 2020


On OAU, ETX and WES Going Digital with Transcripts Exchange
Because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on work and specifically on the processing and the exchange of transcripts between academic institutions and the result-evaluating body—WES, the startup company OAU and some other schools in Nigeria hand their transcripts exchange activities to has gotten an understanding with WES for the acceptance of electronic copies of transcripts instead of the usual hardcopies. Which is why many people whose transcripts were delivered to WES recently have gotten the “Not Accepted” comment on the transcripts part of their WES portal. This is because WES now expects the electronic version of the transcripts and not the paper copies that have been delivered to them. So if you have “Not Accepted” on the OAU transcripts part of your WES portal, there is almost nothing to worry about, you are just to make another request for your transcripts from your school but now making a request for the electronic version and not the paper version to be sent by courier. Hope you understand that?
By the way (I had to bring this in), ETX didn’t just get the electronic transcripts understanding with WES, even when everyone thought WES doesn’t take soft copies of transcripts from anyone, they have always been taking soft copy transcripts from OAU/ETX, because of the understanding everyone thinks WES and ETX are just reaching now which they actually have reached since time immemorial. As much as I know, ETX only returned to sending hard copies of transcripts to WES because their customers wouldn’t let them rest about “WES doesn’t take softcopies”. But now that everyone knows WES takes softcopies from OAU/ETX, this is going to be the way to go. Transcripts delivery is about to get easier, your transcripts wouldn’t have to spend more weeks at sorting rooms in Nigeria and more days on the flight and more weeks at the sorting rooms of the destination country after a very long time of processing the transcripts from the levels of compiling your results at your department to the final levels of furnishing the results into transcripts and getting them authorized and sent, they just get delivered to WES in minutes after that since it’s now sent digitally. So this is a good thing you’d agree with me.

Sunday 3 May 2020


Migration Documents Processing In OAU at This Time
At this time that it seems as though the parts of the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is on hold—especially the academic institutions of these places—while they are moving on the other parts of the world that are not affected at all, or are not so affected, or are affected too but had grown so much in infotech that the pandemic cannot stop them from doing as many part of their daily tasks that could be done online, how are Nigerians who have a thing or two doing with these countries that are not on hold while Nigeria has been on hold for a while be able to keep up with these countries in fulfilling their requirements on things that have to do with migration especially? Take for instance, some schools in Europe and the Americas are still going on with their academic activities maybe online or the normal ways they used to go about them, and for the Nigerian applicants who are trying to apply to these schools or have already applied but need their documents sent there from their earlier schools in Nigeria, but unfortunately these schools have been out of services for over four weeks now. What is going to be the fate of these Nigerians?
First of all, let there be the understanding that these institutions Nigerians are applying to or want their documents sent to are aware of the current happening in the world, and they know how it has affected documents processing, and many of the institutions have been able to make new policies and innovations that would make document exchange easier at this pandemic time. But how are the institutions in Nigeria keeping up with these policies and innovations? Sure some institutions in Nigeria have but not much problems continuing with documents exchange with other parts of the world because they already had some kind of established advanced systems for doing these things and these systems work almost perfectly when there was no ripple of the pandemic and even now that the pandemic has crippled almost everything. So Nigerians that are attached to such Nigerian institutions do not need to worry, as things would surely be done to make sure their documents get to where they are needed.
But for Nigerians attached to institutions like OAU needing some sort of documents from the school as soon as possible at this time that Nigeria is on lockdown, and OAU is very backwards digitally, what’s going to be their fate? Not much hope can be given when it has to do with OAU, but knowing how everything works in OAU, I can assure you that now that the lockdown has been eased a little bit, OAU will try to be on their toes running too as they know these documents are important to the people who need them. Only that such running would be one-sided, to favour only the ones who have somebody on ground trying to help them rush things up. So if you have been waiting on OAU for anything, please take advantage of  this short ease on the lockdown to seek help from somebody you know that is in the system and has time for you to get what you need for you as soon as possible before the lockdown is intensified again. I wish you the best of luck as you try this.