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Tuesday 28 May 2024


 OAU’s Transcript Processing Really Got Better

When OAU’s transcript processing was terrible in delivery timeline, customer relations and what have you, we wouldn’t stop shouting on the school and its management everywhere online and offline. OAU’s transcript processing got even worse around 2019 and 2020, the fastest delivery then would be around three months, and it could go as worse as you waiting forever for your transcript to get delivered but never getting delivered. The worst part was no one would contact you to let you know what’s wrong and what you needed to do. Everything about expecting OAU to deliver your transcript after paying for such service was terrible. More like dozens of transcript applications were entering per day but only a handful of finished transcripts get delivered per day, thereby causing a backlog of applications. PEC as a business in education and solutions solved a good number of problems delaying these transcripts then, and we made some good revenues from helping alumni solve these problems as a third-party between them and the university. But in the last few months, OAU’s transcript processing has been at its best and it is necessary we sing their praises the same way we criticised them when they were terrible at it. The Transcript Unit is so up and doing now that alumni who graduated in the last five years or so might even be able to get their transcripts delivered in days without having to settle anybody or contact anybody to start running around for them on their transcript processing. People who graduated around ten years ago might however need to expect their own delivery in weeks (say three or four weeks); compared to before, this is good. OAU becoming better in management and adoption of modern technologies, I am sure if the Transcript Unit keeps this pace, sooner, same-day delivery of transcript would be achieved.

The only aspects the university is still having issues in relations to transcript processing are:

1.      Transcripts of alumni of Health Sciences and Pharmacy, because their results are not really programmed on any electronic spreadsheet yet, which makes collation and processing take between several months and never getting attended to because no staff wants to voluntarily take up such stress;

2.      Transcripts of alumni whose matric number look like this 851592 and those whose matric number look like this SCI/99/001 (compared to the new matric numbering system that looks like this SCI/2000/001), the implications attached to the old matric numbers are that you graduated like two or three decades ago, or even more, and also, your results are only on papers (which may have totally or partly been lost or damaged by rodents, water or room temperature). Also, whether your results are somewhere close or not wouldn’t matter much, the fact that you have a scary matric number scares staff away from touching your transcript application; so such applications are usually abandoned until someone shows up for you or on your behalf to start running around for you in processing your transcript; and

3.      Transcripts of alumni who transferred between departments when they were in school and those who had a lot of extra years. I think this problem occurs because the software engineers who built the current results and transcripts software the school uses (called TPS) did not consider the fact that some people are not able to run their programme without transferring, taking a leave of absence, having extra year and all; they built the software to only understand that you started your programme when you should start it and you ended it when you should end it. This means if you transferred between departments or you had any interruption, the software would only be able to read the part of your programme before the transfer or interruption happened. So the rest of your results and other information would have to be processed manually (from your department)

The only alumni having problems with getting their transcripts easily and fast or getting it at all are people who fall on any one of the three circumstances discussed above. I believe if OAU knows this and they intend to solve the problem so these alumni can enjoy the new advancement in the OAU transcript processing, they can do it. While we head towards achieving same-day delivery of transcripts, we should make it general and not that it’s only possible for some set of alumni. Again, kudos to the school management and the Transcript Unit for the advancement they have achieved so far, it’s impressive.

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Tuesday 26 March 2024

Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Ife School of Nursing Form

 Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Ife School of Nursing Form

If you stumbled upon this write-up it has to be you’ve been trying to get some needed and current information about the School of Nursing form/application of Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Ife and you have not been able to get any or a current one. This has been a problem many aspirants of the School of Nursing (SON) face. Even as an educational consultancy, when we have clients who consult us to know about SDA Ife’s School of Nursing admission, it always boils down to having to visit the hospital/school before we can get the needed information, and this is not a good thing. In a 2024 when everything is based on information and publicity, it is not a good thing that an entity as profound as SDA Ife School of Nursing doesn’t have a solid publicity—especially about their admissions. It is understandable that they have limits to the number of applicants they can admit so they probably don’t want to bother putting the adverts out there to attract too many applicants they wouldn’t be able to admit most of, but it is still okay for an entity that is growth-centric to expand, make more revenue, and give opportunities to broader population.

SDA Hospital Ife School of Nursing need to give answers to hundreds of their aspirants out there who want to apply to the school. Your nursing training has been confirmed excellent over the years and that should mean that you create the opportunity for more people to join the school, one way to do this is to create a proper channel for your aspirants to know when your form is out. At the very least have a website where applicants can apply instead of having to call somebody and the manual bank payment procedures you use; technology has gone beyond how you use it. Even small businesses/entities than yours are having proper payment channels and information channels now; you are too big for the payment channel you current use and how you advertise your School of Nursing admissions. I would advise you create a small unit for the hospital and SON to be in charge of media, information and publicity; you can afford to employ two or three experts in web services, media design and editing, and writing to be in this unit, and they would handle all your web/internet services for you. You would be surprised how easier things get for you, your students/aspirants/applicants and patients when this is done. Your revenue would even get better, and this might, on the long-run, bring good publicity to the SDA-Ife ministry.

Monday 19 February 2024

Something OAU Alumni in Abroad Must Know Before Applying for the Student Copy of their Transcript [TAGS: OAU, TRANSCRIPT, STUDENT COPY, TPS]

Something OAU Alumni in Abroad Must Know Before Applying for the Student Copy of their Transcript

This write-up is basically for OAU alumni in the diaspora who want to apply for a student copy (personal/unofficial) transcript; the aim is to inform you on how to save some money many of you usually pay for the application which you do not need to pay. I know you people have a lot of money and over-paying a token like #8,000 wouldn’t shake you, but still, the write-up will be made available to fulfil some information purposes, and also for somebody out there who likes to pay for only what they are buying.

I have worked on dozens of transcript applications made by OAU alumni abroad, and I know that when many of you apply for your personal transcripts (student copy, unofficial transcript) on the school’s transcript portal, instead of paying #15,000+ for electronic delivery of the transcript to your mail, you end up paying #23,000+.  This happens because you choose “outside Nigeria” as the location to deliver the transcript to (because you are abroad), instead of choosing “Nigeria” as the location to deliver the transcript to since you are receiving it by email. Check the marked portion of the image below for better grasp of my point.

Whether you are in Nigeria or abroad, if you are applying for the personal copy of your transcript, just choose “Nigeria” (as in local delivery), since it would be sent to your email address, stating that you are abroad by choosing “outside Nigeria” would only make you pay #8,000 more than you should have paid. However, if you are abroad and you want the personal copy sent to you by paper (courier) you are paying the same amount for paper delivery of a transcript (official transcript) going to an institution abroad; meaning this cannot help you save money. I hope this helps you save some #8,000 sometime so you can use the money to buy yourself and some friends some cups of coffee or something else you need.

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