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Monday 13 July 2020

OAU Admission, After the Cut Offs Then, What? (Tags: OAU, Nairaland, OAU Peeps, Admission, Cut off, Merit List, First List, UTME, Post-UTME, Screening)

OAU Admission, After the Cut Offs Then, What?
Amidst the applicants’ confusion over which one OAU is going to use for the admission—the first released Post-UTME score or the second, we waited impatiently for the OAU departmental cut offs; they came at last and here we are again—all of us consultants and applicants—waiting anxiously for the first list.

To some people, the admission list is only a list coming, to some other people, it’s much more than just a list. For instances, to the applicants who is slow or indifferent to doing a thing about enhancing their admission chances, it’s most likely to be a disappointing list—especially if they have not scored up to the cut off required of them by their proposed department. To the applicants who is smart enough to understand that gaining admission into OAU—especially to the highly competitive departments—is much more about who you know and the chances you take than it is about what you scored, it’s most likely going to be the list that’ll put their widest smiles on their faces and show them the way to join the ever-conscious-ever-articulate OAU students. 

To many of us consultants who has been paid for admission processing and “runs”, the list is either going to be the evidence of a job done completely or job done incompletely. To us at Pathfinders Edu Consultancy, the list is surely and yet again going to be another prove of integrity and the show of long-time experience in the business of admission facilitation. So, it’s not just the applicants waiting for the first list now, we all are awaiting it seriously. But now that the cut offs have been released and we are waiting for the first list to be released too (which will be sooner), what should an applicant be doing just to make sure their chances of being admitted gets higher and remains so? I'm about to do justice to that.

Year in year out, I always tell my candidates to not—because they have scored up to or more than the cut off required of them by their proposed departments—relent on their admission processing or become negligent. Hyping apart now, the moment you chose OAU in the UTME form, the moment everything that has to do with relenting and negligence in your life should divorce with you; because seriously, relenting and negligence are the major reasons why most OAU applicants don’t get admitted—even when they deserve it so much. Now, as an applicant, what should you be doing as you await the first list? Simple, don’t let your runs-person rest! Text and call them every now and then to show them how desperate you are. I know why I'm saying this. 

There are "runs" people in OAU who re-sell the slot they have sold to you to another person because the second bidder bade the highest price (this happens so much in the cases of applicants going to the highly competitive departments like Medicine, Accounting, Law and Economics). Though that does not mean they wouldn’t give the lowest bidder another slot, but it won't be the slot that will give them admission to their course of choice. I say this because I know, I’ve been doing this since 2007, so you can be sure whatever I tell on this is from experience.

Let me take advantage of this article to tell applicants who are still waiting for the first list before they start their runs that—should they not be admitted into OAU this session—they'll certainly be the cause of themselves losing the admission, not OAU. For Heaven’s sake admission processing and "runs" always start immediately after the release of the Post-UTME result (or even before it sef); so, waiting till the cut offs are released before you start making moves is the worst kind of procrastination; because by the time the cut offs are released? It’s always difficult to find a runs-man who still has a link they have not used. Even the professors and high level staffs who own the slots would have exhausted their slots. So, if you are yet to do a thing about your admission processing, it’s almost getting too late now! If you make the move right now you can still be lucky enough to be squeezed in somehow—if you can afford it. But when the first list is out before you start making a move, your chance of getting a slot is almost zero. By this, I'm telling you to be wise, fast and smart enough to take advantage of any opportunity that promises to increase your chances of being admitted. You have to be desperate and more risk-taking about your admission "runs" to be admitted to OAU—even if you have the cut off score. OAU is much more competitive than you can ever imagine. It’s always about 100,000 applicants every year and the number that’ll be admitted has since 2006 always been between 5000 and 11000 (the maximum number OAU has ever admitted in a session). That’s a very tiny portion of the applicants. So you should know—by this—that it takes much more than your score to be among the overly small number of applicants that’ll be admitted out of the so-much applicants. Now, if you are thinking of making any move, make it now before it is too late. Make a call now!

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