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Monday 25 November 2019


OAU Admissions: Why it’s Taking So Long
It is safe to think OAU is the only Nigerian federal university left that is yet to have all her 2019/2020 admission list uploaded, and this is not good for the anxieties of the applicants and their parents. Many of these applicants and parents—especially the ones who don’t know how much time OAU takes in doing everything—are beginning to worry on whether they or their ward would be admitted or not. And at this point, it is okay to have such worries, as waiting on OAU for admission would mean you have totally settled for OAU and—come what may—you would bear the consequences if it ends up how you do not want it to. If you are admitted eventually, lucky you, if unfortunately you are not, it would only mean you are writing another UTME, as there are no other schools left right now still doing admission, all the schools with name are done with their admission for 2019/2020. But why is OAU taking so long? You may want to ask. (Article continues after advert break)

Apart from the fact that OAU doesn’t rush anything, there are always official reasons why admission processes take so long in OAU, and this year has a reason too. Some applicants were offered admission some four weeks ago and everything has been on hold since then. No one else has been offered admission since then, and that is because of the NUC departmental accreditation going on in all the departments of the school right now. Every admission processes have to be on hold for the time this accreditation would last just so a department would not offer admission to people and then end up losing its accreditation and can’t offer admission to anyone to study that course, and then applicants who have been offered admission to such department are rendered stranded and confused. For instance, see how the Department of Business Administration lost their accreditation just after the evaluation by the NUC officials last two weeks. Just imagine that people were already offered admission by the department already, what’s going to be for the students now? That is why the few names that were uploaded for admission about four weeks ago are currently the last names uploaded, and I assure you that that list if not even up to 5% of the names on the First Batch. Most departments have not even been uploaded at all, only Public Administration and two or three more departments were uploaded. Which means JAMB is not even done uploading to CAPS the First Batch OAU sent to them.
For people who are still having problems understanding how JAMB and the schools work on CAPS in the process of offering admission, let me say again that it is not JAMB that offers admission as many think. It is still the schools that release the list of applicants to admit to JAMB and the list may come in batches. While JAMB just scrutinizes the names on the list to make sure they are indeed qualified for such admission, and then they upload then on CAPS for admission. If you need to read more about how JAMB, the schools and CAPS work on offering admission, read this write-up "How the Use of CAPS Works Between JAMB and the Schools on Admissions"
To close this write-up, I will have to ask all applicants of OAU to be patient, keep praying and hoping it all goes well, because no one can rush OAU. As much as I know, as soon as the accreditation process is over, the rest of the names on the First Batch sent to JAMB will be uploaded on CAPS, after which the Second Batch which is currently in compilation in OAU would be sent to JAMB too for upload to CAPS. Let’s just say December and January would be the months for: the remaining of the First Batch, the Second Batch, and then February for the Third Batch—which is the VC List that comes out after compiling the spots of people who were initially offered admission but for one reason or the other didn’t accept the admission, and then the admissions are offered to other people. I just hope with you that all goes well and you or your ward is offered admission eventually. I wish you all the best as you wait.

Thursday 21 November 2019


Necessary Information for OAU PG Applicants
I have to hint you that OAU’s PG College—because they don’t admit so many people to their programmes—is a very unpopular college of off the postgraduate colleges in Nigeria. I say this to mean you can barely hear anyone talking about the College or their programmes anywhere or having the right information you need about the College and their programmes. Unfortunately, the PG College and OAU as a whole also contribute to how the OAU PG aspirants who want to apply to OAU don’t get informed about anything concerning the application and the processes, the College and OAU as an institution have near-zero interest in dispensing information to the public about anything, or maybe they don’t know how to best do it in this 21st century.
This makes it the job of the OAU bloggers to publicize every possibly needed information about OAU, their PG College and their PG programmes. And funny enough, because all other OAU bloggers are currently undergraduate students who have little or no idea what the PG College is about and how their programmes go, it becomes an obligation to me—the only OAU blogger who is conversant with the PG College and their programmes—to always update the public on anything they need to know about the college and their programmes. To confirm I am still the only blogger who writes about OAU’s PG College and their programmes is when you typed anything about OAU’s PG programmes in the Google search engine and everything it brought to you are things I wrote about the college and their programmes at different times of every year since 2007.
I say that not to create any negative impression about the college or anything, but to pre-inform you that you may find it difficult to get any other information you need about OAU’s PG programmes from anywhere else than here. So stick to us to remain informed about OAU, OAU’s PG College and their programmes. And if there is anything you need my service for from the buying of the form to the stage of admission, don’t hesitate to contact me on 08139534187. You will be informed rightly and everything will be coordinated meticulously for you. I wish you the best of luck as you begin processing your admission to the PG College.
PS: you must know that in your PG admission processing, your transcript is almost the most important thing of all that determine whether you will be admitted or not, and I can give you one zillion factors right now that could cause your transcript to not get to the PG College before the admission board sits to offer admissions. But then, the solution to the factors is what I'm in for, not really the factors. I’ll be closing this note with a link to an article you have to read to avoid letting your transcript deprive you of your admission you deserve; click here to read it.

Monday 18 November 2019

The Dis-accreditation of Some More Departments in OAU

The Dis-accreditation of Some More Departments in OAU
Just last year, some aspirants of Law, Med. Rehab., Dentistry and Botany in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) received SMSes from 55019 (supposedly belonging to JAMB (as that’s the same number they received their generated code from when they were registering for the 2018 UTME). These SMSes were sent to inform the candidates that their choice of course/department in their chosen school was unaccredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), and they should change to another institution or course. Then came the expected panic everywhere online and offline by candidates and parents, everyone wanted to know the truth about the dis-accreditation and what they should do next. Hence, this write-up I published last year about how the departments lost their accreditation: OAU’S Law, Med. Rehab., Dentistry and Botany: The Dis-accreditation, and the Untold Truth About it All. One year later, some of these departments are only still trying to get their department accredited again, and yet another department (Business Administration) lost her accreditation again just last week, and more departments (especially in the Faculty of Education) may be facing the risk of losing their accreditation too sooner or later, due to unavailability or inadequacy of the needed resources to stand as a department offering such course.
The question right now should not only be why are those departments losing their accreditation? But also, which department is the next to lose it? The reason for this question is because I know very well that going by the NUC Benchmarks for universities, no department in OAU is worth having an accreditation to offer their course, due to lack of the needed resources—materials, facilities and humans, or the availability of such resources in inadequate counts.
However, while expecting the Faculty of Law and one or two more departments that have corrected some things about what made them lose their accreditation last year to regain the accreditation back soon, we also expect more departments to lose their accreditation this year to follow the Department of Business Administration that recently did. Also, we can only start wishing the 2019/2020 UTME applicants who have chosen Business Administration the luck to get another course, as OAU does not automatically consider applicants for another course different from the course they have chosen; lest they have done some underground processing (“runs”) on it, and unfortunately, most of these applicants wouldn’t know something had happen to the department they are waiting to be admitted to. If you are one of the candidates in this group, I advise you to get up and do something before it is too late. I wish you all the best as you try.

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OAU’S Law, Med. Rehab., Dentistry and Botany: The Dis-accreditation, and
the Untold Truth About it All
Everything I want to write right now is from the offices and also from experience. So please, keep what you have read on those Whatsapp and Facebook groups and the recycled misleading write-ups you have read on other blog sites for a while to get this truth you won’t get from anywhere else but on PEC-ng, and maybe also on other blogs that are always coming on this site to steal my write-ups.
Not quite long, departments in OAU received visitors—lecturers of other schools sent by NUC to evaluate the departments. They certainly don’t do that so often, because that was my first time of experiencing such visit in my 11 years of studying and working in and around OAU. NUC uses lecturers of one school to evaluate another school and give feedback on whether some departments should be offering their courses or not. It is how they grant the accreditation a university needs to be able to train students for a particular discipline. But me, I must make this comment about the so called evaluation done in OAU, it was full of episodes of nonsense, and it’s a means of wasting resources—money and time especially. The evaluators only came to eat the meals the staffs of the departments assigned to them to evaluate. It pains me to say also that all the departments—exempting none—were just running up and down to raise funds and borrow the facilities they should have from everywhere and anywhere, just to impress the evaluators coming.
But the running up and down to prepare some nice meal and some heavy envelopes for the evaluators was more serious than the run to borrow what they should have actually. The reason for that being that, it is actually the food and the envelopes the evaluators came to evaluate, the better the food and the envelopes, the easier the evaluation goes. Which brings us to the truth about the dis-accreditation of some departments, these departments didn’t “do normal”, that’s why they got the bad report that made them lose their accreditation. As an aspirant, this is not your problem, but I had to talk about it so you know the source of the problem. Knowing the source of a problem makes it easier to address. Now let’s address the problem.
As an aspirant of the departments having the dis-accreditation problem, you are thinking write now: “what should I do? Should I change my course or stick to the course and institution I have chosen?” I will provide my answers to these questions in the form of informing you of what the outcomes of this dis-accreditation issue would be, so you could weigh the odds and know which one to go for.
To start with, I must let you know this is not the first time some departments will be losing accreditation in OAU, but the most recent one before the one happening right now happened in 2006 when the Faculty of Law was disaccredited. That year, students of the Faculty of Law had to transfer to other departments. Those who wanted Law by all means with less care about where they are getting it from had to transfer to another school to continue their Law programme. If same will be happening again this session, it would only mean OAU will not be admitting students to the dis-accredited departments this session. Which means you will have to change course/institution as advised by JAMB.
On the other side, OAU is a very rebellious institution—the students are rebellious, and even the management too. So, there is the possibility that OAU will rebel against NUC and JAMB and still admit students to these departments anyways. Which would be a thing of regret if you have changed away from these departments and yet admission is offered to students who didn’t change. You will just end up being one of those students who wanted OAU but couldn’t get it, or one of those students who want a particular course but couldn’t get it, then turned bitter against the school and people who got the course they wanted. You don’t want to join that group.
This one is very vital and you must pay your best attention to it; if OAU will not rebel against NUC and JAMB and does not admit students to the dis-accredited departments this year, and you don’t change course, I promise you, OAU will not because you have chosen any dis-accredited course then offer you admission to a department you didn’t apply to. This is why you have to be very careful what you want to do about this dis-accreditation thing. You have to be very sure what you want to do so you won’t be scolding yourself for being too fast or too slow to make a decision about this when OAU eventually do what they would do about this. For us in the system, we can only keep watching to see how OAU will react to the dis-accreditation. You will keep reading from me about this. Let’s just keep hoping this ends well.

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Thursday 7 November 2019

Solution to ETX, WES, ECE and All other Transcript Issues (TAGS: OAU, PG, TRANSCRIPTS, ETX, ORDER, ONLINE, IFE, NAIRALAND))

Solution to OAU,  ETX, WES, IQAS and All other Transcript Issues
If you are having issues with your transcript order or the delivery of the transcript to where you need it, this write-up is definitely for you. So read and discover something funny about your transcript issue.
If that initial paragraph held you down on this article and makes you want to continue reading it, then it most probably has to be you have ordered for your transcript and it’s taking forever to get delivered to where you need it. If my assumption is anywhere near correct, then relax, I'm about to discuss the problem and the solution here.
If via ETX is where you ordered for you transcript, then believe me, the delay of your transcript is nothing to them, they like derive joy from abandoning people’s order till it’s either too late for its use or almost too late. That is said not to spoil ETX’s market, but let’s call a spade a spade so it knows it’s not a sickle. Let’s show ETX’s failure to their face so they know they are failing. If ETX has made you lose an opportunity before just because they refused to deliver your transcript on time, you would understand why I'm this blunt about criticizing them. Take this for instance; the idea of online order of transcripts is to facilitate the order and to make it possible for the owner to order for it anywhere without having to show up. But unfortunately, it’s not like that with ETX. ETX, despite their over-charging transcript delivery service, they still make you go down to your school about the transcript after several months of waiting to hear that your transcript has been delivered. I'm talking about 3, 4, 5 or even 6 months of waiting here. To confirm what I'm saying about what ETX put people through after ordering their transcripts, log on to your Twitter app sometime, type ETX in the search engine and see tons of tweets people have tweeted to complain online about what ETX is doing to them. In fact, let me help you do that! I will attach some snapshots to this write-up now; they are tweets from Twitter users about ETX and their transcript delivery service. This write-up continues after the picture break…

Like I said earlier on, these snapshots of complaints about ETX’s service are not uploaded to spoil ETX’s market, but we have to show the dirt to the eyes so they are aware what they’ve been doing. Now that it has been made clear to you the problem you may encounter by ordering your transcripts from ETX, or the problem you are already encountering, let’s talk about the solution now.
Being a problem solver, when a problem is noticed, it becomes an obligation finding a way out to it, and being an entrepreneur, it becomes necessary to make profits from solving problems, and this is where I come in to provide prompt solution to your transcript issues. Don’t worry, you're still ordering your transcripts from ETX, all I need is the reference number of the transcript you ordered and the order code, leave the rest to me. Instead of the months your transcript order takes before it gets delivered, I make it get to wherever you need it in a matter of days! You're sending the transcript to WES or IQAS for evaluation? Don’t worry. You need your institution to respond to the confirmation of your evaluation faster? Don’t worry. You need your transcript delivered to another school or even your school for a postgraduate programme application? Don’t worry. You need your transcript delivered to your employer? Don’t worry. I mean don’t worry, your transcript gets to where you need it in just a matter of days. However, this service is not free o. LOL. I had to make that clear so you wouldn’t contact me expecting me to be on the run for you without talking about my charges.
In other news, if you are trying to apply for the current OAU’s PG programme for which the application form is on sale right now, then I must inform you that it is important that your transcript gets to the PG College before the admission board sits on the admission. OAU loves transcripts so much, in fact, it’s no admission without transcripts. So if you are just applying for the programme now and you are yet to order for your transcript, just know your transcript is already behind the clock; it most definitely will not get to OAU before the admission board sits, and it will deny you of the admission you deserve so much. However, you can use my service too. I fast-track transcript orders and get it delivered in just a matter of days. Just call me when you are ready 08139534187. If I'm not answering the call or the line is not going through, just leave a message. I will definitely respond to it sooner than expected.

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How Slots, “Runs” and Admission Processing work in OAU
As far as I know, every higher institution of learning in Nigeria gives a certain number of slots to many of their staffs and executives, and OAU is not an exemption to this. Also, all of these schools have how their own slots work, so does OAU. Now this is how slots work in OAU; staffs and executives of the school are given slots because working in a school makes people always come to them to make requests for admission, and this is why the departmental cutoffs don’t affect people who slots are used for. Meaning, if a slot is used for you, all you just have to do is have the basic requirements for the department you are considered for and you are good for admission. For better explanation (before the advent of this current post-UTME scoring system OAU is using) the basic requirement for consideration for admission to OAU was having at least 200/400 in the UTME and also 200/400 in the post-UTME. When you have gotten these, and you are a slot candidate, it wouldn’t matter what the cutoff of the department you are considered for is, you will be offered the admission. What I'm saying is, let’s say you are a slot candidate aspiring the Department of Economics, the cutoff of Economics is 270 but you have only scored 200. Don’t worry; if truly a slot in Economics is used for you, you are gaining your admission; this is how slots work, and as it was then, so it is now that we are using the “aggregate score” to determine who is “Eligible for Admission” and who is “Not Eligible for Admission”. This time, all you just have to do is be “Eligible for Admission”, whether you have the departmental cutoff or not, if a slot is used for you truly, you are surely gaining your admission to the department the slot is from. However, if you are getting a slot, just always make sure it’s genuine; there are fake slots out there.
I know too many people think slot and runs mean the same, but I tell you verily, they may in other schools, but I assure you they don’t mean the same in OAU. Now, let’s set this record straight once and for all. I have explained what slots mean in OAU and how they work, so compare that with this explanation of runs I'm about to give. Generally, the term “runs” (as a noun) is no English word, it’s only generated to fit the mention of all the running around you will have to do in the course of seeking a thing or wanting something to happen, and it fits well into describing all the seeking and wanting something to happen in admission processing; that’s why all the running around in seeking admission is referred to as “runs” while the person/people doing the running around for others is/are called “runsman”/“runsmen” . This makes the job of the runsman limited to just helping you do what you want to do but can’t do. You already have your strategies, your people, your links or even your qualifying admission requirements, but you need someone on ground for prompt and reliable information and for responsiveness to your admission needs, a runsman is what you need here. However, most runsmen—though the school doesn’t give them slots but because of the relationship they have with so many staffs and the executives of the university—they have more slots even than the Vice-Chancellor; I’m not joking here. For instance, I’ve been a runsman in OAU since 2007, I have built this paddy-paddy relationship with at least 30 OAU lecturers (ranging from the level of Mr. to Prof.), I have cordial relationship with at least 50 nonacademic staffs and good number of Personal Assistants and Personal Secretaries of the executives of the school; so just imagine how many slots I have access to per session. All I'm saying is, a runsman is the person you need if you need a slot, because they have more slots and they put you in mind even than the staffs and excos. However, even when the runsman has used a slot for you, you still have to hold on to him very well as there is something called slot-swapping here in OAU (my next write-up will explain this).
However, of all that’s been explained, admission processing covers them all. Admission processing starts from when the UTME form is obtained, to the level of guidance for the appropriate course, to the level of providing materials, information and strategies for gaining the admission, and doing the running around till the admission is gained. I only get to have 10-15 of candidates like this per session. In fact I bring them down to Ife for specialized tutoring for the UTME and post-UTME with fine hostel provided for them. It is almost impossible for any candidate to not get admission to their aspired department on merit when all these processes are gone through as recommended. There is slot, there is “runs”, but admission processing covers them all. There are reasons why sending your ward/child to Ife as early as they are ripe to write UTME works; the school environment itself is a motivation to aspirants, and also, the best tutors who understand how to get into OAU easily can only be found around OAU. Send your kid to Ife sir/ma if you really want that admission for them, they will not die! Quote me anywhere sir/ma, the tendency of being admitted on merit to the desired department in OAU after studying in Ife for the UTME and also for the post-UTME is almost 100%.

Tuesday 5 November 2019


How the Use of CAPS Works Between JAMB and the Schools on Admissions
Since the introduction of CAPS (Central Admission Processing System) by JAMB, there has been amongst candidates and others the wrong understanding of how the schools and JAMB work on offering admission. Some people even think it is JAMB that offers admission now not the schools, and that is a capital NO! The job of offering admission remains and will always remain the schools’! As that is one of the primary functions of the administrative head of the schools (i.e, the Vice Chancellors) which the selected staffs of the schools will have to carry out on their behalf. But then, as the reason why CAPS was introduced is to centralize admission processing to: monitor the fairness and meritocracy in the processes of admission; make sure any one candidate does not get an admission they do not qualify for or not get multiple admissions while some are hanging to get any, it becomes necessary that JAMB has a part to take in the processes of offering admission too. But let’s not get this wrong, that does not mean JAMB offers admission, the function of JAMB as a matriculation board does not extend to the offering of admission even though it covers the conduction of the matriculation exams and monitoring the originality of admissions and the fairness in them.
Though JAMB knows the admission quota of every accredited school as provided by NUC, but only the schools can decide whether they want to admit up to the quota or below it, which also puts JAMB in the wrong position to be the body to offer admission. How it therefore works is that the schools compile their admission lists and uploads to CAPS, and JAMB after screening that you qualify for the admission approves the admission. When your school has uploaded your name is when your CAPS says “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS”, but when JAMB approves it is when it says “ADMITTED”. However, the names can still be uploaded to CAPS by the schools in batches, that is why all candidates don’t get the same updates on their CAPS at the same time.
In other news, if you are an applicant of OAU and your CAPS has been saying “ADMISSSION IN PROGRESS” for a while now, you can check the new update now; “CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITTED”. Note that this is only the First BATCH, the Second Batch—which will include the names of the DE applicants and all slot candidates—will be out soon too. I wish you the best of luck as you wait.