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Wednesday 2 October 2019

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OAU Admission Rush
Being around OAU since 2006—first as a candidate, then as an undergraduate, then as a postgraduate student, and also as a known educational consultant in Ife—has given me a huge load of experience over how admission goes in Obefemi Awolowo UnIversity (OAU) at whatever level—from the level of the pre-degree, to the undergraduate (UTME and DE), and to the postgraduate; so much for refusing to leave Ife as almost everyone does when they manage to finish their first degree programme in OAU. No one loves to come back to OAU after escaping the school the first time (the word 'love' in the statement was carefully chosen). But people like me, we just act like OAU is the only university in the country, and we can’t afford to not be there. And sometimes, it does really feel as though OAU is the only university in the country. I mean, does it not sound like the lion is the only animal in the forest sometimes?

Year in year out, jambites who choose OAU in their matriculation application—after doing “well”—in their UTME just come to OAU to write the Post-UTME thinking gaining admission to OAU will never be any difficult than cooking noodles; but at the end of it all, most of them always get disappointed. I’m—on this note—making this article to make some things clear on the things OAU applicants must know if they’ll be admitted. I enjoin you to read this article and digest it if you are processing your admission to OAU or you’re aspiring to be in OAU someday.
People always say you don’t have to “know” somebody before you can be admitted to OAU; LOL, funny. For the sake of not wanting to disrespect the bureaucracy of my university, I’ll like to agree with that notion that you do not need to know somebody to be admitted to OAU. But to be blunt? Believe this: that notion only works for a very tiny percentage of applicants per admission year; and when I say tiny percentage, I mean like 10-20%. This percentage involves the people who score—in the screening criteria—what their aspiring departments require as the cut-off. Take for instance, if Economics says their cut-off is 67% or 268/400, and a person’s scores such mark; such person should just go home and start buying the things they’ll need in school; because—other things needed put in the right places—such person will be admitted! They should just wait for the merit list to see their name boldly written on the school’s portal. These are the set of people who don’t have to know somebody before they can be admitted to OAU. But if a person scores 66% or 267/400 to go 1% or 1 mark below what Economics requires in the example cited above; quote me anywhere, such person needs to know somebody to be admitted to OAU! Unless the slightly reduced cut-off marks used for catchment areas and Educationally Less Developed States (EDLS) favor such person—which is also at a very small percentage too. It means most people who apply for admission to OAU need to know somebody before they can be admitted, because—let’s face it—how many candidates really make the cut-offs per year?

I have been around OAU for a while, I have seen cases when a person who scored 270 was not admitted for Law because the cut-off for Law was 274, and another person who scored 239 and comes from the same state as the first person was admitted for Law. Now, what just happened here? One of these people knows who they should know, and they made productive use of whom they know. There are always many cases like this every admission year in OAU; it all depends on who you know, what they can do for you, and how seriously they take your matter.
If you already understand what I'm trying to say here, then you should already know I'm trying to warn you to not romance the notion: “you don’t have to know somebody to be admitted in OAU”, unless you have scored what is required of you by your aspired department. Understand this: you really need to know somebody to be admitted in OAU if you are even 0.1 mark below the cut-off, or—by self-knowledge—you yourself doubt if the score you have at hand can ever be enough to get you admitted to the department you want. If such of these is your case right now, then it’s high time you started talking to someone who can reliably help you with your admission processing—someone who knows OAU and her system enough to be able to get your papers to where it should get to.
Now, you should be thinking of contacting Pathfinders Edu Consultancy already. Let’s do something about your admission processing that’ll benefit the two sides—yours and ours. You gain your admission, you pay us a token for doing for you what we know how to do. That’s fair for the two sides right? Now, make the call: 08139534187; let's talk about your admission.
I had to add this to this article because I've been getting calls concerning this. For as many of you who applied for the highly competitive courses like Medicine, Law, Economics and Accounting, and you are already relaxing because you scored higher than the departmental cut off in the Post-UTME screening; I'm enjoining you now to get up from your relaxation and start doing what you have to do now if you don't want to lose your admission even with the high score you carry for hand. Your high score does not guarantee your admission to these departments o, you will have to shine your eyes, open your ears, and do something not many people will know you did. Na the truth I just yarn you so. Make good use of it.

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