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Monday 21 October 2019


Necessary Information for OAU PG Applicants
I have to hint you that OAU’s PG College—because they don’t admit so many people to their programmes—is a very unpopular college of all the postgraduate colleges in Nigeria. I say this to mean you can barely hear anyone talking about the College or their programmes anywhere or having the right information you need about the College and their programmes. Unfortunately, the PG College and OAU as a whole also contribute to how the OAU PG aspirants who want to apply to OAU don’t get informed about anything concerning the application and the processes, the College and OAU as institutions have near-zero interest in dispensing information to the public about anything, or maybe they don’t know how to best do it in this 21st century. This makes it the job of the OAU bloggers to publicize every possible needed information about OAU, their PG College and their PG programmes. And funny enough, because all other OAU bloggers are currently undergraduate students who have little or no idea what the PG College is about and how their programmes go, it becomes an obligation for me—the only OAU blogger who is conversant with the PG College and their programmes—to always update the public on anything they need to know about the college and their programmes. To confirm I am still the only blogger who writes about OAU’s PG College and their programmes is when you typed anything about OAU’s PG programmes in the Google search engine and everything it brought to you are things I wrote about the college and their programmes at different times of every year since 2007.

I say that not to create any negative impression about the college or anything, but to pre-inform you that you may find it difficult to get any other information you need about OAU’s PG programmes from anywhere else than here. So stick to us to remain informed about OAU, OAU’s PG College and their programmes. And if there is anything you need my service for from the buying of the form to the stage of admission, don’t hesitate to contact me on 08139534187. You will be informed rightly and everything will be coordinated meticulously for you. I wish you the best of luck as you begin processing your admission to the PG College.

PS: you must know that in your PG admission processing, your transcript is almost the most important thing of all that determine whether you will be admitted or not, and I can give you one zillion factors right now that could cause your transcript to not get to the PG College before the admission board sits to offer admissions. But then, the solution to the factors is what I'm here for, not really the factors. I’ll be closing this note with a link to an article you have to read to avoid letting your transcript deprive you of your admission you deserve; click here to read it.

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