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Thursday 25 May 2023

Solutions to Date of Birth Discrepancies on Your OAU or UI Transcript [TAGS: NAIRALAND, TRANSCRIPT, DATE OF BIRTH, OAU, UI]

Solutions to Date of Birth Discrepancies on Your OAU or UI Transcript

If not the biggest problem amongst alumni of Nigerian schools then it would be the second biggest; a large percentage of our alumni have issues with the date of birth their school leave on their transcript. This problem emanates from the Nigerian culture of needing to claim a younger age because of the labour market or NYSC, or the need to avoid early retirement, and other reasons like age insecurities and carelessness when seeking admission or while fulfilling some school documentation. These are mostly the reasons why alumni would leave one date of birth with WAEC, leave another date of birth with JAMB, leave another one with their school, leave another one with NIMC, and leave another one with Immigration. Often, all these come back to cause troubles for the person when one of these offices need multiple of their documents. This is why, in relation to transcript, this is one of the problems that often pop up; more like everyone has different date of birth on their transcript from the one they have on their NIN and international passport.

You must know that avoiding this date of birth problem in the first place is the best option. So if you are still in school, you came across this epistle somehow, and you think the date of birth you gave your school when you entered is not the one you want to claim officially, or you know you have dates of birth on your national and international documents different from the one you gave your school, my advice is to go to your Admissions Office, Exams and Records or whatever office is designated to keeping such record and change the date of birth to the correct one before you graduate; after graduating, the date of birth is there to stay forever. Schools don't change dates of birth after graduation; once you graduate, your file is sealed, and no document in it can be removed, edited or changed; things can only be added to the file not removed. There would be processes to changing your date of birth while you are in school, but I am sure it wouldn’t be as rigorous as when you have graduated. So if you are an undergraduate and you know the date of birth you have with your school is not the one you want, just go ahead and make the moves to change it now before graduating.

Having different dates of birth on your transcript and other documents becomes a problem when it's found out that schools don’t change dates of birth on transcripts; the date of birth on a transcript is the date of birth the alumni left with their school when doing their documents screening in their freshman year or final year, and because they have graduated their file has been sealed (nothing in the file can be edited, canceled or removed; things can only be added to the file). Your school would only use the date of birth you submitted to them before you graduated, nothing would make them change it. But how do the affected people solve this problem? There are three possible solutions to this problem (but the third is always the best, easiest and the total eliminator of the problem; we just might have this solution for you +2348139534187). I will discuss them all below.

The first, this involves taking the court channel to provide some legal documents. This would need a lot of processes, and it's time-consuming. The fair warning to this is that it doesn't result to your school changing the date of birth on your transcript, it only compels them to explain your date of birth situation to any institution asking them for such information. If this option is what you want to settle for, just go to a high court and swear an Age Declaration to your preferred date of birth (if you already have one or a birth certificate then no need to swear an Age Declaration). Also produce a court affidavit addressed to the Registrar of your school's Exams and Records; it would state that you have realized that the date of birth you left with your school which reflects on your transcript is incorrect, you would state your prefered date of birth (as it is on your attached birth certificate or Age Declaration) and compel the Exams and Records to always let any institution asking them to verify your date of birth know that the date of birth on your birth certificate/Age Declaration is your correct date of birth not the one on your transcript. You would take this affidavit and birth certificate/Age Declaration to your school so that they can add it to your file. Now, this doesn’t mean this would make your school change your date of birth you originally have with them, it only means that anytime any institution/organisation having your transcript asks your school to verify your date of birth because they have different dates of birth on your documents, your school would be able to verify that they are aware you have this date of birth discrepancies, and you have sworn by the law of the land that the one you left with them when you were admitted is the wrong one while the one in the birth certificate or Age Declaration you submitted to them is the preferred one. It is important to state again that if you already have a birth certificate or Age Declaration that carries your preferred date of birth, you do not need to produce another one, you just go ahead and produce the affidavit that would be addressed to your school. 

The second, this would be you doing date of birth correction at NIMC, then you go do same at Immigration, and every other institution where you need the date of birth to match the one on your transcript. But this is almost impossible because it takes forever and also consumes money too much; it's not impossible though. 

The third, as I have said, although very expensive too, but this is the best option, as it eradicates the problem like it was never there (if you know what I mean). It's also very classified, so it cannot be discussed more than this on here, so give a call +2348139534187. Wishing you success in any of these three options that you choose.

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