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Wednesday 17 May 2023

If You Don’t Have Your Matric Number But You Need Your OAU or UI Transcript [NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, TRANSCRIPT, OAU, UI, MATRIC NUMBER]

 If You Don’t Have Your Matric Number But You Need Your OAU or UI Transcript

You graduated decades ago and you still have or you still know your matric number, it must mean you still have in your care one or two documents carrying the matric number or you are still around academics where your matric number is needed every other year so you are often reminded of it. But in other case which is often the case of people who graduated long ago and they have nothing reminding them of their matric number, it must mean you forgetting your matric number is sure. To me, this is understandable; when you don’t use your matric number or nothing reminds you of it, you forget it. The problem now is when you need to request for your transcript, how possible is that without your matric number? The answer is no! You cannot be able to request for your transcript without your matric number. You will not even be able to create an account on the transcript processing system without your matric number. Now how do you solve this problem? I like to say it’s simple but it’s not—especially if your school is either of OAU and UI and you have graduated long ago. Why is it not simple? Stay with me.

The Exams and Records is the unit saddled with providing and keeping such information as matric number, but this unit would insist they can only trace files with matric numbers, because that’s the only thing peculiar to each student, any other means of sorting files are not peculiar to anyone. So to avoid identity mistakes and to avoid having to go through thousands of files to find just one file, the Exams and Records would only search for files using the matric number. So if you can’t provide your matric number, the Exams and Records is the most hopeless unit to look up to… you can’t get it there. The next unit that should be able to provide your forgotten matric number for you is your department; at least they must have records they can look up using your name and the record would carry your matric number alongside your name. But you know what? Departments have their own beliefs too, like the Exams and Records, the departments believe any multiple people can have the same means of identification but only one student can have one matric number, so they only look for files with matric numbers. If you go to your department trying to have them look for your file so you can get your matric number from your file, they would ask for your matric number so they can be able to help you find your matric number. The meaning of this is that, they would turn you down either immediately or eventually.

So from my experience with looking for matric numbers in UI and OAU, you definitely are not going to get it from the Exams and Records (unless you are willing to “die there”), neither would you get it from your department. If the Exams and Records want to find it for you it would involve you writing a lot of letters to the Registrar, going down to the school several times and having to wait for several months before hearing from them. For the department, don’t even make any effort towards that line, they can’t help. I have experienced that, although with a lot of backdoor arrangements, it is easier to get your forgotten matric number from the school’s library, hostel and clinic than it is to get it from either of the Exams and Records and department. So if you want to request for your transcript and you are unable to move forward on that because you don’t have your matric number, I’d advise you to move towards the school’s utilities rather than looking towards the Exams and Records or department. This sounds like I’m exaggerating on this matter, but I’m not; it’s probably awful than I just described it.

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