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Wednesday 24 May 2023

How to Get your Matric Number in OAU and UI if You Have Forgotten It [NAIRALAND, UI, OAU, MATRIC NUMBER, TRANSCRIPT ]

How to Get your Matric Number in OAU and UI if You Have Forgotten It

From experience, it is difficult for any staff of OAU and UI to understand that it is possible for a graduate to forget their matric number or have no document that would remind them of their matric number, and this alone makes it difficult for you to get help from them if you can’t remember your matric number and you need help from them; they all say the same thing: “how can someone forget their matric number?”, “I graduate from this same school decades ago and I still remember my matric number”, these are the things they all say before they tell you something that would make you realize they are not willing to help you find your matric number. But you and I, we both know there are so many situations that could warrant you not remembering your matric number: it has been decades since you graduated and you have not had anything to do with the matric number since then; you are likely to have forgotten it unless you have a certain document that carries your matric number which always reminds you of it or you are still in school studying and your matric number is always coming up somehow. But if you have had nothing doing with the matric number in years, it’s just likely you have forgotten it, and that shouldn’t be a problem to retrieve—unless, as expected, our schools make it difficult for you to retrieve because of the staff’s personal beliefs.

The funniest thing about not having your matric number is that you’d need it eventually; you cannot request for your transcript lest you have a matric number, and everyone seems to need their transcript nowadays. So if you are a graduate of either of OAU and UI and you need to request for your transcript and you can’t find your matric number, and you are trying to find it at your school, I have a fact for you, and it’s that you can’t have the time to do it by yourself and on your own the things your school would put you through to get your matric number; the Exams and Records would push you to your department, your department would push you to the Record Officer at Exams and Records and so on till you get tired and give up. I assure you, it’s easier to get your matric number from the schools’ utilities like library, health centre, hostel and so on than it is to get it from either of your department and the Exams and Records. Just get help on this thing, there is no way you know more helpful people and the right paths than people who do this for a living; that’s the simple truth.

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