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Thursday 30 January 2020


What Direct Entry Applicants Must Know About OAU
Forget whatever you have been told or you have read about OAU not offering Direct Entry (DE) admission to applicants who graduated from certain schools, or OAU being sentimental about the polytechnic and colleges they offer admission to their alumni who want to further in OAU as DE; OAU is a lot of things no one likes, but OAU is not selective of the schools they offer admission to their alumni! As a matter of fact, alumni of any school—so long it is an accredited school—can be admitted to OAU at any session, only that they will have to earn it; how to earn it or how they didn’t earn is what so many applicants don’t understand, which is why they end up concluding they weren’t offered admission because OAU doesn’t offer admission to alumni of their schools. This is absolutely not a fact!
OAU is only selective of your grade points and your class of graduation, and of whether the course you studied in your former institution is accredited or not, and whether your school is accredited or not. If all of these are okay, then you have only one thing left between you and your admission—the delivery of your transcripts and other documents to the admissions office before the admission processes begin! OAU takes the transcripts so seriously that no matter how much your grade points and other things qualify you for the admission, if your transcripts and other required documents are not submitted to the admissions office on time, you will definitely not be offered the admission. And this is where most of the DE applicants that are not admitted always get it wrong; they just fill their DE forms online and sit waiting to be told that they have been offered admission. It doesn’t work that way!
So if you are a DE applicant aspiring for OAU, please know that the school you did you previous programme at is not necessarily what determines whether or not OAU will offer you admission, what determines it mostly is the delivery of your transcripts to the admissions office on time, with other little things put in place. I should also use this medium to inform you that it is not assured any year whether OAU will conduct a form of test on the DE applicants or not, because they always fluctuate about that per year. So prepare thinking they will, and if they end not conducting any test, your preparation is never a waste. I the meantime, I wish you all the best in your endeavors to get admitted to OAU.

Monday 27 January 2020

Transcripts Stress and Transcripts Scam with ETX: OAU Causes and Allows Them (TAGS: ETX, OAU, TRANSCRIPTS, NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, WES, IQAS, VERIFICATION)

Transcripts Stress and Transcripts Scam with ETX: OAU Causes and Allows Them
Earlier last week, I was asked by one of the old alumni of OAU—who had read many of my criticisms of OAU and ETX on their transcripts service—if I feel safe knowing that there will surely be people in the management of the two of OAU and ETX who read what I write about them all the time on how they exploit and stress the alumni community out with their transcripts services. I know this too, and I’ve long known the answer to the question about my safety. I feel safe, and that’s not because I have anything or anyone assuring me that there will be no problem, but because I have the understanding that OAU—though an authoritative and a totalitarian institution now—still allows for criticisms. Even though they will do nothing about the criticisms to bring about betterment, they still let you tell what you want to tell. Which is probably why they just let me go on criticizing the school on everything they are doing badly without trying to punish me for being a loud blogger, and because I still enjoy that freedom of expression, then I will have to do this too!
My last one I published on how alumni of OAU suffer from the hands of ETX while they try to get their transcripts revealed the fact that the blame we put on ETX should not totally be on ETX—at least not 80% of it—as most part of the sufferings encountered with transcripts requests in OAU are caused by OAU and not necessarily by ETX as anyone who doesn’t know how the transcripts processes go would believe. To finish that part of revelation I did on the said publication is this realization I had late last night about how ETX collects people’s money and just cut them off like they just scammed them; I realized there is no way OAU doesn’t know about it, and below is why.
I don’t know how OAU and ETX share the transcripts money, but—being a businessperson myself—I want to believe ETX doesn’t just remit any amount of money or a fixed amount of money to OAU per time, payment has to be per order. OAU will have the percentage they collect on every order of transcripts made on ETX. Now this is where it gets funny: does OAU just collect their percentage of the payments on the order per time and not care how many of the orders were actually delivered? Yes that’s what I'm talking about! It can only mean OAU does just what ETX does too—collect money from ETX per order and gets less-concerned whether the orders are delivered or not. Charging the alumni too much for their transcripts and not even delivering the service or delivering it only when it’s too late is the biggest scam. It is a form of corruption, and ICPC and all other corruption-fighting agencies need to look into this already!

Monday 20 January 2020

The Greatest Favour You Can Do Yourself as an Alumnus of OAU and Any Other OAU Alumnus You Know (TAGS: OAU, TRANSCRIPTS, NAIRALAND, EPORTAL, WES, ETX, IQAS, ECE, ECA, GOOGLE, EVALUATION, VERIFICATION)

The Greatest Favour You Can Do Yourself as an Alumnus of OAU and Any Other OAU Alumnus You Know
I will say this and I will be as straight forward as possible about it, the greatest favour you can do yourself as an alumnus of OAU and any other OAU alumnus you know right now—whether you like them or not—is to try to get your transcripts now (if you have never), and advise the OAU alumnus you know to try to request for their transcripts in advance too (if they have never). You all need to try to get your transcripts before you’ll actually be needing them, just so you know before the need for the transcripts becomes urgent what you are prone to getting into by the time you will really be needing the transcripts. I say this because:
Firstly, everyone gets to need their transcripts eventually, either for employment purposes, job promotion purposes, further education purposes or traveling purposes, so if there is anyone who has never requested for their transcripts before, it’s only a matter of time, they will need to, and they would surely suffer for it if you don’t pass this message to them or they see this message and see it as mere say. This is not a mere say!
Secondly, every other time, right from when transcripts request services were done manually to this time that it’s now digitally done, OAU always try to come up with something new that would make it look like their transcripts services are about to get better, but over my 2 years of running manual transcripts processing for people and 3 years since OAU switched the transcripts services to digital—which I’ve also been helping people on for that long now, there has been no time that OAU brought up something new to make the transcripts services get better that it actually got better, it just always gets worse instead of getting better. I'm saying, OAU’s transcripts services which I have been into for 5 years now does not ever get better, it only gets worse! So if you are an alumnus who has never gotten his/her transcripts before or you know an alumnus who has never gotten their transcripts before, do them and yourself this great favour, request for your transcripts now—even if it’ for you to just have a copy of it for unofficial use, and enjoin them to do so too. Just do it.
I must also put this in for alumni whose date of graduation has been as far back as before 2010 and have never gotten their transcripts before, I want you to know OAU does not have your results on any electronic database right now, every of your results and in papers in some unsecured room at your department. Just imagine fire catching where these results are someday; just forget about ever getting a transcript from OAU sir/ma. Also, for alumni whose graduation date falls between 2010 and 2018, your results are on the eportal, yes, but I regret to tell you that the database (called isis) hosting your results to eportal crashed in 2018 (with no backup), and the crashed affected results of most of the faculties in the school, only few students’ results from these faculties escaped the crash. Though a new database was introduced by mid-2019 (I can’t remember what it’s called right now), but please know that it is likely—just like the people who graduated decades ago—OAU does not have your results on the new database, your results are only on papers in a safe OAU thinks is safe but not really safe. Should anything happen to the room these results are kept, finished!
Come to think of it, a staff even said to me one time and I quote: “we move from buildings to buildings and offices to offices every time, in the process of moving, documents get lost”; are you thinking what I'm trying to make you thing about that statement and your documents? To cut the long story short, just help yourself and your OAU alumni friends you know, order for your transcripts now, advise them to order for their transcripts too. It doesn’t have to be when you’ll need it and then the unavailability of your transcripts or the delay in providing them would be why you lose your chance to move forward in an endeavour. A word is enough.

Thursday 16 January 2020


Transcripts Delay in OAU, Where the Problems Are
Going online to see how you can get your transcripts from OAU to where you need them, but all you come across to read are bad reviews on how overly expensive and extremely slow or impossible the transcripts services are with OAU and the little company handling their transcripts services—ETX (which you have no other choices but to order your transcripts through), bad reviews posted by alumni who are angry about the services because they have been frustrated, exploited and made to lose one opportunity or two. Yes, those complaints are actually true, many of these people have requested for their transcripts on the website and they didn’t get them delivered at all and they heard nothing from nowhere—not from ETX nor from OAU—on why their transcripts were not delivered. ETX just collected their money and left them to wait forever to hear that their transcripts have been delivered, and have them give up when forever refused to come, and they got tired of hoping their transcripts get delivered when they are still useful.
In the midst of all these delay of your transcripts, you have only one side to be angry at—ETX, and that is understandable, as they are the side you paid to, and the one who was supposed to keep in contact with you every now and then to keep you updated on what’s happening about your transcripts processing, but they don’t do this. The communication is reduced to almost zero just after you have paid for the transcripts request. But truth be told? Other than ETX not communicating with their customers, the blame of whatever is happening to your transcripts to delay the delivery or make the delivery never happen is not the fault of ETX! The Exams and Records, the typing room and your department are the three major reasons why your transcripts may never be delivered or be delivered only when you don’t need them anymore for the purpose which you ordered them.
As much as I know, ETX prints your transcripts application in a matter of two to three days that you submitted your request for your transcripts and your payment is confirmed, they submit this application to the OAU staff in charge of your faculty to fetch for your records to see if your results are there or go fetch for them at your department if they aren’t. But these staffs just sit in their open office and chat over topics that are in no way related to work while there are files on their desks untreated. These files would stay months on their table without getting any attention, and if your file will be getting any attention at, you will be lucky if they find your results on your records with them, because if they don’t, that means they will have to write a letter to your department requesting for your results, and that can only mean your transcripts processing just reached where it can never move forward anymore. You can only wait and get tired of waiting!
If you are lucky that the staff in charge of your faculty does their work and actually submit a letter to your department asking for your result (which is almost impossible), just know that the letter is going to stay months with the person in charge of fetching for results at your department with no attention (if it would ever get any attention at all), and if it does get any attention, you will be lucky if they don’t encounter any problem at all while fetching for your results. Because any problem as small as them not finding the result of a course you took would make them drop your work and not attend to it anymore ever. Say you are lucky and no problem was encountered, your results are collated and authorized by the appropriate people in your department, the next problem is that no one is ready to take the results to Exams and Records where your collated results will be taken to where they will be typed into transcripts, neither would anyone at Exams and Records come down to your department to collect the results. Your collated results just sleep and wake at your department waiting for a miracle that may never happen.
If a miracle happens and someone actually gets your results to Exams and Records, your papers are in another trap that will hold it down for several weeks. The job of Exams and Records at this point is to take the collated results to the typing room so they furnish it into transcripts, but they wouldn’t do this even when it’s as easy as just carrying a file to the next room. And when they eventually do, your file is going to have to sit in the typing room for several weeks again before it finally gets typed. After getting typed, the Exams and Records staff in charge of your faculty only need to carry the file to ETX where your typed transcripts will be cross-checked for errors and authorized for sending if found perfect. But the staff will leave your work at the typing room and not carry it. And this is exactly why your transcripts don’t get delivered at all or get delivered when it’s too late or almost too late. You can see now the problems are not really with ETX we like to blame for them. ETX sends your transcripts almost as soon as it’s ready and taken to them for dispatch. The problems are with Exams and Records, your department, and the typing room.
To not talk about problems and not recommend possible ways of solving these problems to make possible a swift transcript exchange service in OAU, I will have to close with these: yes, the idea of electronic transcript services is a very good one, and ETX is okay for the job, but ETX needs to keep the communication with their clients going till the transcripts are delivered. Clients need to know what stage their works are and what is happening to them. Also, there has to be external auditing bodies to audit per week the number of jobs done by everyone involved in the transcripts processes compared to the number of applications submitted to them, and sanctions for anyone found lagging behind a set percentage of work that must have been done by the end of the week. This way, the nonchalance amongst the staffs of OAU wouldn’t delay people’s dream for too long.

Monday 13 January 2020


The Wise UTME Applicant
As the registration for the 2020/2021 UTME has been declared open today 13th of January, 2020, here is a thing everyone who is going to apply for the exam must know before registering for the exam and be careful of in their process of registering for the exam, because eh, it is alarming the number of people who lose the admission they so much deserve because they wrote wrong combination of subjects in their O/Level exams, have wrong or incomplete O/Level results in comparison with their choices of course in their UTME, and wrong subject combination in their UTME subjects registration. It would shock you too that to avoid these unfortunate cases is why JAMB makes sure everyone has access to the brochure that gives details on the schools, courses and the subjects they require in O/Levels and in the UTME, but because students must be negligent mostly, they go ahead to register courses and choose subjects based on their personal interests in the courses and their sentiments for the subjects they like to write in the UTME, and then high score but no admission is what ends it many times.
Most applicants of UTME don’t study the brochure before registering for the exam! And this does not mean they have enough information on the school they are choosing and their choices of course too. The funny part of making these mistakes that always cost them their admission they deserve is how applicants just go to the computer guys and start registering for their UTME based on the information the computer guys give them, not knowing that most of these computer guys are just like them—they don’t study the brochure too! They just provide information based on the little knowledge they have while registering for somebody else not quite long.
Requirements differ from schools to schools, and an applicant needs to talk to an educational consultant before registering for the exam. It would even be better if the consultant they get to talk to is around the school they are applying to; as these consultants always have the untold information about the school and the departments. For instance, many computer guys and many aspirants who like to study Management and Accounting (MAC) in OAU don’t know it is important they have one of Government, Geography and History in their O/Levels, and they must write at least one of the three in their UTME. So it means anyone who wants to study MAC in OAU must write and pass Economics, English Language, Mathematics, Government or History or Geography, and one science-related subject in their O/Levels, and they must—in addition to the compulsory Use-of-English—write Economics, Mathematics and one of Government, History and Geography in their UTME. Many of the students apply to MAC without having any of Geography, History and Government in the O/Levels, many of them fail to write any of these subjects in their UTME too, they just think one of Commerce, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Civil Education e.t.c should be the subject they need not any Arts or Social Sciences subjects. So they already start losing their admission from when they start registering for the UTME.
If you are an applicant, study the brochure, talk to people who can give you intel about your choices of school and courses before heading to the computer guys to commence registration. Before commencing registration, be sure already what schools you are choosing, the courses you are choosing and your subject combinations, don’t get to the computer house and leave the computer guys to be making those decisions for you. Be informed and be decisive.  Don’t by yourself deny yourself of admission just because you couldn’t spare some minutes to study the brochure and talk to people who know better. A word is enough for the wise.

Friday 10 January 2020


New Year, New ETX, New OAU Transcripts Request Services
I entered the usual ETX website just recently only to realize they have moved to another website. I wanted to be surprised, but I wasn’t, and that is because as we entered the New Year, I knew there was going to be something new ETX would introduce to make their transcripts exchange services better, or at least make it look like it’s better or getting better.
It would be unfair to not commend that ETX’s introduction of another website is a good thing, but to not be too fair and then start covering the truth that needs to be told about the inefficiency of ETX’s transcripts exchange services, a new website is actually not what ETX and the alumni of OAU who deal with them need at this point. What ETX needs the most right now is a better connection between them and the Exams and Records and all the Departments in the school, as those are the places transcripts processing begin to not get the proper attention they need for them to be swiftly delivered, and what the alumni need the most is a better service which has to include: post-payment ETX-customer relations (ETX needs to stop muting on their clients just after they have made payments), and swift delivery of transcripts to where they are needed.
Though the old website has a better user interface and easier-to-understand functions than the new, but the new—though extremely complicated and definitely built by people who don’t place understandability high on the job on the website—shows promises of better communication with clients, and a fair reduction in prices too, unlike the previous pricing system that’s an extreme rip off. It’s too early to tell if the New Year and the new website would mean better transcripts exchange services for ETX, because people are actually sick and tired of OAU and ETX jointly giving them problems beyond what evaluation bodies like WES, IQAS and the rest of them put them through. Let’s just hope this trial to get better really works out.

Monday 6 January 2020


Admission Spree for OAU Applicants
The 2019/2020 admission session has to be the most delayed admission processes in OAU in the recent times! So delayed it has gotten every aspirant worried about whether they are going to be eventually admitted or not. Some are in fact already planning on obtaining another UTME/DE form. Even people like me who are in the system are only holding on to the knowledge we have of the fact that it’s only about 20% of the admission lists that have been uploaded on CAPs as admitted, and the school still needs to admit more applicants; no, I meant so much more applicants.
I have written in a previous write-up why there have been delays in the admission processes this year than it usually was, and the reason for that are the activities that have been going on on campus since November 2019, which involved every department and every staff. Thereby causing the delay in the school updating of statuses on CAPS to the level it would be left to JAMB to approve the admission the school offered and change the statuses to “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITTED…”but all these have been delayed just because OAU wasn’t ready for it, and now the school is ready, and they have continued on the updating of admission statuses on CAPS since last Saturday.
I personally believe this week and next are going to be for uploading the remaining of the First Batch and then the Second Batch of the admitted lists will be uploaded towards the end of January. Then anytime in February, we expect the Third Batch to be uploaded after the ones on the First and Second Batches have been asked to pay their Acceptance Fees and the admission offered to the ones who didn’t accept the admission or couldn’t pay the Acceptance Fees have been retrieved and offered to new people that would be on the VC List, after which the Freshmen will be resuming to school. These processes as described can only look long now, but it can’t take that long anymore since the school is resuming by February ending with the freshmen coming in first. It means for students to resume by then, admission must have been offered to enough people to call in for resumption.
If your CAPS status has been “NOT ADMITTED YET” all the while, just keep checking it on daily basis as this month and latest the early weeks of next month have to be when your status changes, and if your own status has been “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS, CHECK BACK LATER” for a while now, please check almost every hour of everyday, because it changes to “CONGRATULATIONS, ADMITTED…” so fast you may miss the joy when it’s hot, and you shouldn’t miss the joy of your admission when it’s hot. You worked hard to earn that joy, and you’ve been looking forward to it for so long. I wish everyone the best of luck as the admission processes go on. But if you still have to do a thing or two to facilitate your admission and you haven’t, please get up now and do something before it’s too late. Call PEC on 08139534187 for inquiries and help. It would surprise you how seriously we take your matter and guide you towards gaining your admission.

Thursday 2 January 2020


Verification of Evaluated Documents As Concerning OAU, ETX, WES, IQAS, ECE and Other International Evaluation Institutions
Once their transcripts (and other documents) have been delivered to the evaluation institutions where they need them, most applicants for documents evaluation just assume their need to process anything has ended, and they stop paying attention to their evaluation institution portal for updates. Whereas they still have 3 or more things to do for their evaluation processes to be completed—the request for the verification of the evaluated documents being the very next just immediately after the documents have been evaluated by the institution they chose to do that for them.
The evaluation institutions do not just evaluate your documents and that’s it, they always contact your school after the evaluation asking the school to verify the outcome of the evaluation to validate its correctness. But if you as an applicant for documents evaluation already stopped paying attention to your portal after your documents have been evaluated, it may mean you are the one delaying the completion of your evaluation processes, as OAU will not verify your documents lest some necessary things required of you are done. Though most people don’t know there are still required steps to take for your verification to be done, and it’s because OAU doesn’t publicize any information like this, but it is after these steps are taken you can start counting weeks for when your verification will be done—if you do not want to fasten it, and by fasten it I believe you understand what I’m talking about.
If your documents have been waiting to be verified and you are here because you want to find out what is delaying the verification, that’s what I just told you in the previous paragraph and nothing more, and the solution to it is what PEC is here for. Just contact me on 08139534187 as soon as you could so we can talk solutions and benefits, and make things happen about getting your documents verified immediately.