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Thursday 19 December 2019


Now That OAU Postgraduate Form is Closed, What’s Next?
After the closing of the sales of the OAU postgraduate form for 2019/2020 admission session has been extended three times, they finally closed it on 13th of December, 2019. But has all registrations are done and the sale of form is closed now, what else? What’s left for the applicants to know? What must the applicants do to be admitted? Apart from the new development that applicants whose programme involve research work (programmes with thesis) will have to submit a research proposal of not more than 5 pages, there have always been things the applicants must do to be qualified for admission, and they will all be discussed briefly below, but if you need more information on any of them, my phone is always on: 08139534187.
First of the things an applicant should know is that this website on which they filled their form is not the one on which they would keep an eye on their application to know what’s up about it per time. The new website should be On this one is where you know whether your documents have been submitted to the PG College and your aspired department or not, and whether you referees have responded to the confidential form sent to them or not, and whether you have been recommended by your department or not, and whether you have been admitted or not. So if you have been visiting the first website (the one on which you filled your form) and it looks like you are not getting any response, it’s because you have been visiting the wrong website. That first website is closed against you the moment you submitted your form. So the second website is where you visit now to follow your application.
Secondly, it is in the requirement of the PG College that every department must screen their applicants before recommending them for admission, such screening may come in the form of aptitude test or an interview or the two, depending on the department you have applied to and how much applicants they have. But sometimes, many of the departments don’t bother screening their applicants before recommending them for admission, especially when the applicants are not that much. When only about 5 people apply to a department for a PG programme, why should we screen them? But if there would be screening at your department, please know that it wouldn’t be a thing to panic about, it would be a test you could write without even reading a thing, it’s just an aptitude test, and if it would be an interview, the questions they would ask you would surely be within the field of the department you have applied to. So don’t bother yourself running around because of some test and interview, it’s never that deep.
Of all the things you will have to put in place to gain admission to the PG College, your transcripts getting to the PG College before the admission board sits on the admission is very very important. OAU generally takes the transcripts more seriously than even the certificate and other documents. No matter how many certificates you have and have submitted, if your transcripts are not sent to OAU before the admission board sits, you are certainly not getting admitted! Get your transcripts from your previous school to OAU PG College by all means, your admission depends largely on it. Another thing your admission depends on are your referees, at least two of the three of them must have responded to the confidential form sent to them in your name.
Apart from these things mentioned, there should be nothing else disturbing you from gaining admission to a PG programme, lest you do not and NYSC discharge letter or exemption letter, or have the required CGPA from your previous degree. OAU requires you have at least 3.00 over 5.00. If you have put every of these things in place, then I wish you the best of luck as you await your admission letter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The sales of the PG form has been extended again till January 15th, 2020.

Monday 16 December 2019


For OAU Students Who Want to Transfer
The time is here when students who were offered admission to a course they do not really like studying, students who aren’t pleased with their own performance in the department they currently are, and students who their departments really want to rip off because of their low performance try to process a transfer to another department, or even to another institution (but the latter is not the bone of contention here). and to avoid being one of those people whose transfer processes would not be completed, and those people who would have been discharged by their current department but would not be received by the new department they aspire, this write-up will be the pack of the things you need to know to not be unfortunate with your transfer processes. Every transferring student—no matter what level they are—needs this information, but needing it mostly are the students who are about to complete their first year in the university and desire to transfer to another department against next session.
As a freshman, when you are offered admission to a course you do not like really, you desire to transfer to another department as soon as possible, and you will surely have a lot of people promising they would make such transfer possible and even easy for you. But unfortunately, transferring to another department is never as easy as the ones who promise it make it sound. It is a very long process that’s also time-taking and risky too—if you are not furnished with the most appropriate information. For an undergraduate who is already above 200 Level, you may not need so much information on this because you are already so long in the system, and if your eyes have been as opened as they should be, and your ears have been on the walls, by now you should already know what you have to do and when you need to do them to make your transfer possible and easy. But basically, there are things every transferring student—no matter what level they are—should know, and I will do well to highlight them and afterwards mention the specific things to know for students who just completed their first year and want to transfer, and students who have been above 200Level and want to transfer.

1). It’s important you know no transfer student goes beyond 200Level at the new department they are transferred to; no matter what level you have been, you are starting from Part 2 if you transfer to another department. But for students who just completed their first year and are trying to transfer to another department, you will have to repeat 100Level.
2). Up until around 2013/2014 (the same session the CGPA for Second Class Lower was reduced from 2.50/5.00 to 2.40), transfer students had to start their new department they were transferred to with a new CGPA of 5.00. But now—after it has been learnt that such process isn’t fair on students who wouldn’t transfer—the favour of new 5.00 for transferred students was abolished. So if you are trying to transfer to another department, please know that whatever your CGPA at your old department is would still be your CGPA at the new department.
3). It is very important that you are sure the new department you are applying to are ready to receive you before you get discharged by your old department. If you are discharged but not received by the new department you have applied to, that could mean a lot of things ranging from having to stay a session off school to losing your admission. So get your processing right please.
4. There is always the rumour of what CGPA you have to have before you can be able to transfer, but the truth is, officially, there is no such requirement, but because the receiving department would want to make sure they are not receiving a student who wouldn’t do well in the department, most departments now require that transferring students have at least a 3.50 (Second Class Upper) to be able to transfer, and this affects Part One students trying to transfer the most. So, check your CGPA before you start processing your transfer and know the point the department you are going to requires before you embark on such process, so it wouldn’t end up being a waste of time. Also, know that if your CGPA is so high, it may cause your current department to not discharge you, as every department wants students who are doing well too, and wouldn’t easily let them go away to another department just because they want to.
5. This is very important, before you start processing your transfer to another department, check the JAMB brochure for the O/Level subjects requirement for the course you are trying to transfer to. Don’t process your transfer to a course you do not have their O/Level requirements; such transfer process can’t end well.
I wish you the best of luck as you try to go to another department, and I hope that—if successful—you would do better in your new department. And by the way, the Admissions Office just reopened the departmental, faculty and inter-university transfer form for sale again, and it may not last for more than few days this time. If you need any help in executing your transfer, you can call me on 08139534187.

Thursday 12 December 2019

About Four Years of OAU Transcripts Service Going Digital with ETX Handling it, and With Bad Reviews Everywhere Online: What Has Gotten Better? (TAGS: WES, ECA, IQAS, NAIRALAND, OAU, ETX, TRANSCRIPTS, GOOGLE)

About Four Years of OAU Transcripts Service Going Digital with ETX Handling it, and With Bad Reviews Everywhere Online: What Has Gotten Better?
Some of us used the OAU’s transcripts service every now and then when it was 100% manual, and we have also been using it every now and then since it turned digital, and if there is anyone who should be able to know what has been up in the processes of getting your transcripts from OAU, it should be people like us. You must have read on every website and app people’s bitter complaints about their bitter experiences with OAU when they requested for their transcripts, and yes, everything you have read is true, absolutely true! Myself, I have written tons of reviews of OAU’s Transcripts service with the startup called ETX handling it, and every one of them were written from my experiences gathered over my several years of working on people’s transcripts. This is another criticism of OAU, ETX and their transcripts service.
First of all, the OAU’s digital transcripts service as handled by ETX is a rip off! The least payment on the website as of today is #10,000 and these are for local destinations (some local destinations have higher charges than #10,000), and for international destinations, it begins from #22,000 and goes as high as #37,000 depending on the country you are sending your transcripts to. Requesting your transcripts for personal view (unofficial use) which would be sent to your email would cost you up to #11,000. All these charges are too much for a transcripts service. We have signed petitions online we are tired, we have complained to federal agencies that could look into this exploitation but all to no avail (check out our petition to the Ministry of Education here
If the charges are so high and the services provided are prompt and worth the charges, maybe people would not be complaining about the charges; satisfaction would cover it all I’m sure. But nope! The moment you pay the money, and ETX confirms you have paid, ETX’s online relationship with you is over! They have broken up with you without you suspecting they have. No feedback from them, you can’t call them, the chats and the emails you receive from them are automated messages having phrases like “your transcript is in process” to make you feel like something is being done on your transcripts, but na lie! Your file is probably on somebody’s table sitting there while the person employed to attend to it engage in some chitchats with their colleagues over some topic that’s not even in relation to what they are employed for. But you will be there thinking your transcript is actually under processing and you will soon hear from where you are sending it to that it has been delivered. Unfortunately, the wait never ends, and such waiting is the reason why so many people lose chances and opportunities per time. It’s depressing!
It’s been about four years since OAU switched from dealing transcripts with her alumni directly to using ETX as the middle digital agent so as to facilitate the request for and the delivery of transcripts, and nothing has changed really; the same problems over and over again. Going digital was supposed to help the requester of their transcripts not need to come down to Ife, but you will still have to come down to Ife lest you have someone on ground doing the processes for you, and the processes are rigorous than what anyone who the transcript doesn’t belong to to be committed to it as it would require of them—unless of course they are paid for such task.
I was initially thinking the solution to these problems is for ETX to employ more people than the lesser than 10 people they are always having on seats for work, and the Exams and Records and the General Office of the Departments should have a lot of NYSC corp members too, to carry on some petty jobs the nonacademic staffs leave unattended to because it would involve that they travel from buildings to buildings in the school. These petty jobs are the reasons why things are generally slow in OAU, and having enough corp members to run the errands would make it easier; this is what I thought. But recently, I learnt the problem is not inadequate hands to do the job, but rather negligence at every office that your transcripts processes will have to involve. This thing is no joke here! The people have to have the fears of losing their jobs if they are found lagging behind on any portion of job assigned to them per time. To sell this fear to them must be an unbiased committee that would check up every body’s job per working week to know what they have achieved and what they are still leaving undone. Then and only then would an alumnus be able to order their transcripts and rest assured someone is working on to make sure it gets to where it’s needed on time.

Monday 9 December 2019


Still Waiting on OAU’s Admission List
The year is having just few of working days left, the school is already one week into her Rain (Second) Semester exams, and most Predegree, UTME and DE applicants are yet to have their names on CAPS as offered admission. What is happening? Why is OAU overly slow about this admission processes, and is it safe to keep waiting on OAU hoping when they eventually release all their batches of admission lists, your name will be there. Here are the questions applicants and their parents have been asking recently, and I want to address these questions in this write-up.
First of all, let’s not forget that OAU is a very time-taking school. This is one of the things any applicant should understand about OAU before choosing OAU at all for any programme. Because it is only when you understand this that it wouldn’t get you worried when it begins to happen to you while you have anything at all doing with the school. Expecting that OAU would be different when it comes to your case or programme is a thought you shouldn’t have. Though we all used to think the slowness was coming from the incessant strikes of different types always happening in OAU, but over a few years now, there has been no big strikes in OAU minus the 2 to 3 months NASU strike of 2018, and even though there has been no big strikes, one session in OAU still equals one year—whereas some schools of same standard are having three semesters in one year now since ASUU is not causing any big trouble for now, but OAU can only have two semesters in one year.
There are so many instances to show how OAU has been slow still, even when there has been not-so-big strikes that we thought were the reasons why OAU was always slow in everything. From my observation overtime, I have learnt the slowness of OAU is not in any activities such as strikes and sort, it is rather in the system; the academic staffs, the nonacademic staffs, the management, they all individually and as a group have how they make everything slow in OAU. Though some of them take pride in the slowness as they have attached it to the desire to be meticulous about everything and have the perfect outcomes, and because everyone has to be careful about everything. This sounds so cool, but only to those who don’t work around the system. My take on this—which is the blunt truth—is that most OAU staffs (no matter what group they belong and what level they are) aren’t really committed to their job. If most staffs of the school are energetic about their job even half as much as they are about their salary, you would be surprised how things would be too fast even.
I must also mention the negligence and improper planning in the system. The negligence and improper planning I’m talking about have to be the two major reasons why OAU is yet to release even one third of the names they intend to admit for the 2019/2020 session. While some names have been released for some departments, some departments have not even been uploaded at all. Just about six weeks ago was when the first set of names were uploaded to CAPS as admitted, names of only about 3 or 4 departments, and the names uploaded per these departments aren’t even up to 50. We all believed they had started uploading the First Batch and by the end of the year they should have uploaded all the lists. But no, the school is still on the First Batch and the year is almost closing up. The excuses they give: “exams are going on, so everyone has been busy”, “NUC is evaluating all departments for accreditation”, “all staffs are doing their IBPIS registration, we can’t attend to anything for now”. These shouldn’t have been problems delaying the release of admission lists if we had a different board for admission decisions and the board members are not saddled with other functions for as long as the admission processes last. But no, OAU management must give one person multi-functions at a time, thereby making them less productive on every one of the functions.
I would only enjoin applicants to relax and keep praying. Hopefully, the remaining of the First Batch would be released before the end of the year, and the subsequent batches released early next year too. If you are waiting on the school for admission lists, you will have to add patience to your waiting, I meant long-term patience, as that is the only thing that would help you wait till the end without getting sick of the school. And I pray in the end everything works in your favour. I wish you the best of luck as you wait and pray.

Thursday 5 December 2019


OAU Postgraduate College Trying to Turn a New Leaf
If there is any one thing OAU Postgraduate College (PGC) is widely known for, it has to be the fact that the PGC is very unorganized and sluggish in everything. Everyone who comes for a PG programme in OAU is either a person who doesn’t know what they are about to get into or a person who knows but doesn’t mind just because of some advantages of undergoing a PG programme in OAU; example of such advantage being the relatively cheap school fees for a postgraduate programme. The most expensive programme in the PGC has to be the MBA Executive, and with just about #500,000, you would complete the programme, and with just about #350,000, you should be able to complete any other PG programme in OAU. That is relatively cheap compared to many other schools of such standard. Which is why many OAU PG applicants wouldn’t mind the fact that OAU PGC would frustrate them in every other sphere while they are on the programme. In fact, almost none of the students who begin their PG programme in OAU PGC finished it when they are supposed to, many don’t even finish at all. It’s a known thing about OAU PGC, you either finish your PG programme late or not finish at all, you can barely not fall in either of these two groups. In the defense of the college, they argue they are just “growing”, which is funny because it’s been since 1964 they’ve been growing.
However, the recent administration of the PGC headed by Professor (Mrs.) Ajibade from the Faculty of Education has been the stir the OAU PGC has been needing for decades. I know this great woman personally, and I know she shakes things up wherever she is. Since she was made the provost of the PGC earlier this year, there has been new policies, shuffling of staffs of the PGC, and in fact a whole new development about every of the programmes the PGC offers just to make sure things get on the speed now, and the sluggishness OAU has been known for is modified. If this wind of change keeps blowing at the PGC, it wouldn’t take long at all before OAU has a very fast and orderly PGC. Though this doesn’t mean the student would stop getting frustrated, that one cannot stop. OAU PGC and OAU as a whole are known for taking the student through fire so they come out shinning like gold. What I’m saying is, even though you will still get frustrated while and after running your PG programme in OAU, it is getting safer to be a PG student of OAU now, as there has been better orderliness so far, as well as good acceleration about everything. So stop having the fears that OAU would take all your time and apply for a programme in OAU PGC as soon as possible, you won’t die.

By the way, the PG application for the 2019/2020 session for applicants that would be resuming February next year if admitted is still on sale and would be closing this week (if not extended). You can still apply if you want to. And if you need any help about obtaining the form, filling it, provision of referees, submission of the required documents to the PGC and the aspired department as well as the processing of your transcripts so they are delivered to the PGC in due time and not get you denied of the admission, you could always contact PEC on 08139534187. Make the call now please. Thanks.

Monday 2 December 2019

PEC's Hostel Facilities for Candidates Who Want to Take Exam Coaching in Ife (TAGS: oau, admission, utme, post-utme, jamb, screening, hostel. hotel, ife, accommodation, tutorial centers centres nairaland)

PEC's Hostel Facilities for Candidates Who Want to Take Exam Coaching in Ife
In extending our tutorial services beyond candidates who live in Ife and its environs, we now have hostel facilities to accommodate candidates that are outside of Ife and would like to come to Ife to prepare for their UTME and Post-UTME exams, any other similar exams. These hostel facilities are to accommodate our candidates for as long as they want to stay to prepare for their exam. The environment is conducive, the facilities in the building are neat and hygienic, power is stable, security is guaranteed, and proper attentions are paid to the candidates to make sure coming down to Ife to prepare for their exams actually improve their scores in the exams and also get them already familiar to the university environment; which is also a kind of motivation that makes candidates want to work really hard to gain admission to the school.

Below are the pictures of our hostel facilities

Contact us:

Phone number: +2348139534187

Twitter: @PECngr