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Monday 9 December 2019


Still Waiting on OAU’s Admission List
The year is having just few of working days left, the school is already one week into her Rain (Second) Semester exams, and most Predegree, UTME and DE applicants are yet to have their names on CAPS as offered admission. What is happening? Why is OAU overly slow about this admission processes, and is it safe to keep waiting on OAU hoping when they eventually release all their batches of admission lists, your name will be there. Here are the questions applicants and their parents have been asking recently, and I want to address these questions in this write-up.
First of all, let’s not forget that OAU is a very time-taking school. This is one of the things any applicant should understand about OAU before choosing OAU at all for any programme. Because it is only when you understand this that it wouldn’t get you worried when it begins to happen to you while you have anything at all doing with the school. Expecting that OAU would be different when it comes to your case or programme is a thought you shouldn’t have. Though we all used to think the slowness was coming from the incessant strikes of different types always happening in OAU, but over a few years now, there has been no big strikes in OAU minus the 2 to 3 months NASU strike of 2018, and even though there has been no big strikes, one session in OAU still equals one year—whereas some schools of same standard are having three semesters in one year now since ASUU is not causing any big trouble for now, but OAU can only have two semesters in one year.
There are so many instances to show how OAU has been slow still, even when there has been not-so-big strikes that we thought were the reasons why OAU was always slow in everything. From my observation overtime, I have learnt the slowness of OAU is not in any activities such as strikes and sort, it is rather in the system; the academic staffs, the nonacademic staffs, the management, they all individually and as a group have how they make everything slow in OAU. Though some of them take pride in the slowness as they have attached it to the desire to be meticulous about everything and have the perfect outcomes, and because everyone has to be careful about everything. This sounds so cool, but only to those who don’t work around the system. My take on this—which is the blunt truth—is that most OAU staffs (no matter what group they belong and what level they are) aren’t really committed to their job. If most staffs of the school are energetic about their job even half as much as they are about their salary, you would be surprised how things would be too fast even.
I must also mention the negligence and improper planning in the system. The negligence and improper planning I’m talking about have to be the two major reasons why OAU is yet to release even one third of the names they intend to admit for the 2019/2020 session. While some names have been released for some departments, some departments have not even been uploaded at all. Just about six weeks ago was when the first set of names were uploaded to CAPS as admitted, names of only about 3 or 4 departments, and the names uploaded per these departments aren’t even up to 50. We all believed they had started uploading the First Batch and by the end of the year they should have uploaded all the lists. But no, the school is still on the First Batch and the year is almost closing up. The excuses they give: “exams are going on, so everyone has been busy”, “NUC is evaluating all departments for accreditation”, “all staffs are doing their IBPIS registration, we can’t attend to anything for now”. These shouldn’t have been problems delaying the release of admission lists if we had a different board for admission decisions and the board members are not saddled with other functions for as long as the admission processes last. But no, OAU management must give one person multi-functions at a time, thereby making them less productive on every one of the functions.
I would only enjoin applicants to relax and keep praying. Hopefully, the remaining of the First Batch would be released before the end of the year, and the subsequent batches released early next year too. If you are waiting on the school for admission lists, you will have to add patience to your waiting, I meant long-term patience, as that is the only thing that would help you wait till the end without getting sick of the school. And I pray in the end everything works in your favour. I wish you the best of luck as you wait and pray.

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