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Monday 5 July 2021


OAU’s Pre-degree or JUPEB in OAU: Which One is Better and Why

When it comes to deciding on whether to go for OAU’s pre-degree or to take on the JUPEB programme in OAU, parents and students are always either very confused on which one to choose or (mostly) they end up choosing the wrong one (because the intended course does not work well with the one they ended up choosing). The cost of taking either of these programmes in OAU is almost the same, but the conditions and implications differ, which always makes parents and students only get to think of the fact that the costs are almost the same but JUPEB allows the students who pass them to enter any school taking such qualification as Direct Entry into 200 Level, but then, there are more to compare when it comes to OAU’s pre-degree and JUPEB in OAU than just the similar costs and the Direct Entry advantage the latter has. I will discuss these extra factors to consider to make it easy for you to choose the best of the two to suite your interests and opportunity more.

It is important you know—if you didn’t—that OAU’s pre-degree belongs strictly to OAU, and the programme means so much to OAU that they always want to make sure most of the students who go through the programme get their first choice of course, and almost everyone who go through the programme is admitted for at least any course at all so long they have scored at least the average of 70% in the pre-degree programme at the end of the two contacts (two semesters), and they have scored at least 200 in the UTME of the same admission session; while the JUPEB programme does not strictly belong to OAU but—just as most of other universities—it is conducted by OAU too, and this is where the differences between the two programmes begin to set in. A student who goes through the pre-degree programmes and has scores as earlier stated has better chances of getting admitted than a person who goes through the JUPEB programme. Being an educational consultant, I have seen so many students who passed their JUPEB but they still had to buy Direct Entry form years after years before they finally got admitted, and this happens too often; meanwhile scoring the average of 70% in the pre-degree programme and 200 in the UTME of same admission year already qualifies you for an admission even if it is not to the department you chose. This means the advantage to get into 200 Level that JUPEB has is not really an advantage lest you actually have the admission the same admission session you completed the programme; a pre-degree student could get admitted before you and complete 200 Level before you even get admitted to 200 the Level your JUPEB qualifies you for.

Again, there are some courses you would need to be critical about when you are trying to enter them via OAU’s pre-degree or JUPEB; courses like Medicine and Surgery, Nursing Science, Pharmacy, Medical Rehabilitation, Dentistry, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science, and a couple of other courses in Tech. This is because these course are highly competitive, and if you are entering them through either of pre-degree or JUPEB, you are going to have to really score the departmental requirements of the mentioned departments to be able to get any of these departments (unless of course somebody of high office is interested in your admission and their slot works for you). Where differences now set in is, if you are trying to enter any of these departments through pre-degree and you do not have the departmental requirements and you do not have anybody’s slot working for you, so long you have scored the basic 70% and 200 scores in the pre-degree programme and UTME respectfully, you would get another course. But if it was JUPEB, so long you do not have the required point for any of these departments and somebody’s slot is not working for you, you are not getting another department even when you have a good point in the JUPEB programme. This singly makes the reason why I always advice people to choose pre-degree instead of JUPEB (unless they are so sure they would score the departmental point), and when other benefits of OAU’s pre-degree are considered too, I always vehemently recommend the pre-degree over JUPEB.

Everything I have said is not to say JUPEB is not good—of course it is, comparing the JUPEB programme to having to go to a polytechnic or college to get a Diploma that would qualify you to enter 200 Level in a university, JUPEB saves time, and money (in most cases). So instead of considering a college diploma or an Ordinary National Diploma to get a Direct Entry admission to a university, it’s far assured and better to go through JUPEB, as the chances of getting the Upper Credit to qualify for Direct Entry at the college of polytechnic is lower than the chances of passing JUPEB and getting admitted to the course of your choice and to 200 Level. So in this sense, it is JUPEB over any polytechnic or college Diploma if a Direct Entry admission is your goal. But when it comes to the high chances of getting any admission at all, it is pre-degree. Hope you got that?

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