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Monday 12 July 2021

OAU Porting from ETX to TPS: What Changes Should We Expect in Transcripts Processing [TAGS: OAU, ETX, TPS, TRANSCRIPTS, NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, WES, IQAS, EVALUATION]


OAU Porting from ETX to TPS: What Changes Should We Expect in Transcripts Processing

The smoothest news any OAU alumnus would like to hear is about ETX been disengaged from OAU’s transcripts processing, based on the hell ETX had taken most OAU alumni through in trying to get their transcripts from the school. No alumnus would not be glad to hear that ETX has been disengaged from OAU’s transcripts processing, and eventually, that has finally happened, ETX gone and another transcripts platform called TPS has been introduced. This is really a good thing, as OAU has finally thought it right that handling the transcripts business of a school with alumni base has much as OAU’s to a single company that doesn’t even have the power to really process the results needed to make the transcripts is a bad thing. Now, the Transcripts Department of the school has finally gotten serious about these transcripts works and they are taking the business by themselves; to take the transcripts order, process the results, process the transcripts and do the dispatching, these sound really good. But when you look deeper into it, you would see what could go wrong.

Although most people don’t know this, but ETX only took OAU’s transcripts orders and delivered the transcripts when ready, they were not the one to do anything on the processing of the transcripts. In fact, as soon as you made your transcripts order on ETX and they had printed your application out and handed it over to the school’s Transcripts Department, ETX didn’t know anything about your transcripts again until they were been processed completely and transferred to their office for dispatch. This means ETX didn’t really have any work they did on your transcripts, and this is why people weren’t getting their transcripts on time or at all, and also why ETX never had any factual thing to tell their customers as updates on their works. Now, this is the question, changing from ETX to TPS, are we expecting a better transcripts processing? Probably yes. But when we think about the fact that ETX or TPS, it’s still OAU we are dealing with, we would realize a lot could change, but what is wrong would still be wrong or only get better a little. Alumni would still have to hustle their ways through getting their transcripts fast or getting them at all. We wish this change changes everything for the better, but if it turns out it cannot, we will still be here to be of help.

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