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Monday 30 May 2022

Evaluation Body to Evaluate your Results [NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, EVAULATION]

 Evaluation Body to Evaluate your Results

Your inquiry into which one of all the evaluation bodies is the best for you begins as soon as you start considering emigration to study or/and work in some European and American countries; although, I can’t say this about everyone in this demography, but I can say this about the ones who are truly serious about traveling abroad to study or/and work, this is because I have encountered some people who just chose an evaluation body because they found it online or they know someone who used the evaluation body, then they would have to apply to another evaluation body when they learn the country, the institution they are aspiring is not accepting the evaluation body they used. This would mean when you are thinking of evaluating your results or the need for such arises, one of the foremost questions to ask should be “what evaluation body is the best for me considering the country I’m going to, the institution I’m applying to, and the qualification I have?”, because there are dozens of evaluation bodies ranging from WES to IQAS to SAQA and so on, but which one to choose should depend on some factors like application cost, duration of return, the range of countries that recognize the evaluation body, these are a few of the factors you must consider before choosing your evaluation body.

If you were a student with special cases while you were in school, like you had to transfer from one department to another and your school does not start a new CGPA for transfer students but only continue their CGPA where they left it at their previous department, you'd also have to be cautious of the evaluation body you choose, apart from these factors, you are good to choose any evaluation body that fits your interest. I have written a piece on how everyone just goes for WES out of dozens of other evaluation bodies without considering which is best for them (please read it here), I am writing this to inform you that, contrary to what many believe, if you are aspiring for Canada or United States, your evaluation body does not have to be WES, there are other evaluation bodies you can choose from. IQAS is there, ICAS, and ICES are there, and ECE too. In fact, a couple of these evaluation bodies do not only have cheaper application rate over WES, they also have ease of payment over WES, they have short return time, they have swift customer response, and they are well accepted by most of the institutions that accept WES. So all the rush towards WES when there is the need to evaluate document is not necessary at all.

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Monday 23 May 2022

Solutions to the Problems Encountered While Making Payment to WES [NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, EVALUATION]

Solutions to the Problems Encountered While Making Payment to WES

Almost everyone who tried to make payment to WES for the evaluation of their results encounter some problems while trying to make their payment; the most common of these problems is the payment not going through and the payment platform not giving an explicit reason as to why the payment keeps failing. In the most everyday words, I want to address these problems now hoping somebody who needs this information would find it useful.

If you have been trying to make your WES payment and it’s been unsuccessful, I need you to know that the factor that is most likely causing this problem is the fact that WES has a quota of payments they (can) receive per day, and when the quota of a certain day has been reached, no matter how hard and harder you try, you efforts to make your evaluation payment to WES would not go through. So if you have been trying all day today, just take a break and try again tomorrow but earlier now; other things being in their right places, you would record success if you can meet up with the day’s quota.

Another common factor that could cause problems for you while trying to make your WES payment is the bank card you are using; contrary to how a lot of people think you must have a Dollar  card to be able to make payments to WES, you do not have to! Your Naira card can do the job just fine so long you are using any of the card types the platform accepts. Only that this issue of Nigerian banks having a lot of CBN procedures on any fund getting wired abroad and in foreign currencies makes the banks have problems with approving funds easily. So, this might cause you to keep trying several times before your payment to WES goes through.

These are the two factors people have repeatedly called us to ask questions on, and also the problems we have encountered a couple of times while trying to make WES payments for our clients. Just either keep trying so you can meet up with the quota of another day or change the card you are trying to use to make the payment to WES, you would have “payment successful” soon. We wish you the best of luck in this endeavour, but if you need anything at all ranging from your WES issues to your transcript issues, or other documents you need, please contact us on +2348139534187 or

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Monday 16 May 2022


 The Next Things for OAU Aspirants Now that they have Passed their UTME

At this time when OAU is on almost 100% shutdown—to mean most of the workers’ unions in the university are on strike and most of the usual processes and activities in the university are currently off, what should a proactive OAU aspirant do so as it wouldn’t be like they have passed UTME and they just want to wait as others till OAU says something—which is dangerous? Yearly, I always advise OAU aspirants to never have a reason to wait till OAU says something about post-UTME before they start making moves about their admission processes; there are thousands  (if not millions) of UTME applicants who chose OAU as their choice of school, but the 200/400 total UTME score required by OAU for an aspirant to qualify for their post-UTME cuts the competition down by lots of thousands to fewer thousands who will also have to compete in the post-UTME before the school’s departments would give out their cutoff marks to cut more thousands of applicants off to the level of having just a few hundreds or less per department. This would mean that from the level of picking up a UTME form and choosing OAU, to the level of admission, being an OAU aspirant would mean that you are competing with thousands of people who want the same thing you want, and there are a lot of things you must do differently and better to be what determines whether you win in the competition or you lose in it.

Picking the most suitable subject combination for your choice of course, scoring high in the UTME, scoring high in the post-UTME, etc. are factors that would necessarily increase your chances of winning in the competition (getting admitted). Added to these would be the fact that knowing who you should know and doing some underground “leg works” would increase your chances of winning in the competition (getting admitted) and winning how you want (getting the course you most desire). The implication of this is that scores alone aren’t enough to guarantee your admission (please note that I didn’t say high score would not get you an admission in OAU, I only said knowing the right people and doing what they need you to do, meticulously and on time would increase your chances of getting admitted). Please decipher this information properly and talk to somebody who knows better about it.

As at now that the school is on strike and most applicants would be waiting for when the school comes back on before they can start making moves on their admission processes, I’d advise an OAU aspirant to:

1). rather be proactive and start preparing for the post-UTME already, as OAU can actually announce the registration and exam date at any time regardless of the ongoing strike. So, you should get your OAU post-UTME study packs now and start studying for the exam already (we can help you get the study packs and courier them to you if you are far away from OAU/Ife);

2). sign up for coaching at a tutorial centre that understands OAU styles of screening (we would be glad to have you at our tutorial centre in Ife, and we promise to deliver success in the post-UTME and admission processes, read about our tutorial centre here. We also have hostel facilities for students who may want to stay in Ife and close to OAU to be able to prepare for the post-UTME better, read about our hostel services here). If you prefer a private tutor, please get a private tutor who has written and aced a couple of OAU exams—this would help you;

3). network with other OAU aspirants and join chat groups full of OAU aspirants like you, this would help you get informed, you can also confirm information in the groups; just be careful to not strongly attach to another candidate’s experience or strategies, what worked for them may not work for you; also, and importantly,

4). try to connect with people who are strong in the system from the level of your aspired department to the level of the Senate of the school—you would understand what I mean by this if you agree that in Nigeria, the people you know where you are going would determine how fast and easy the doors open to you.  I will not explain this more than I already have, but please do what you should with this little information I just gave you. I wish you all the best in the endeavour.

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Our Services for OAU Undergraduate Degrees Aspirants

 Our Services for OAU Undergraduate Degrees Aspirants

Here are a few of the services we at Pathfinders Edu. Consultancy provide for students who are interested in having OAU as their choice of university and they want to do all that should and must be done to have such admission:

1). we share the most recent and the most needed information about OAU admissions, and also about OAUTH School of Nursing admission too. You can follow our updates on any of our social media pages;

2). we help applicants with their OAU Post-UTME screening registration, and we guide them to making the best decisions and taking the best actions for a win;

3). we help with admission processing into the school’s degree programmes, and into OAUTH School of Nursing too;

4). we provide hostel for UTME and Post-UTME candidates who like to come down to Ife and closer to OAU to get coaching for the exams. Click here to check our hostel facilities out;

5). we run tutorial centre for coaching UTME, Post-UTME, JUPEB, Pre-degree and OAU School of Nursing screening candidates to help them excel in the exams; and
6). We run short-time computer training programmes for candidates preparing for Computer-Based Tests (CBT).

Contact us now:

Phone number: +2348139534187

Twitter and Instagram: @PECngr

Facebook and TikTok: @PECngr


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Monday 9 May 2022

ASUU, SSANU and NASU Strikes and How University Alumni Are the Major but Unsuspected Victims

ASUU, SSANU and NASU Strikes and How University Alumni Are the Major but Unsuspected Victims

When any section of any school goes passive on their works, the students of such schools are the most noticed group of victims, and this is very normal; the students are the core of the jobs of the staff, so the core gets more attention. But in the case of a university being shut down for weeks because most of the unions of staff in the school are on strike, this would mean there are other victims different from the students; there are always traders and businesses affected, and the effects this always has on the alumni body of the universities are always these people get stuck and cannot move forward with their endeavours in life.

Let me start from the people who just wrote their final exams and are waiting to move on to the next stage of their lives but they are being kept waiting because the staff they need to do things like clearance, service mobilization and so on for them are on strike. I know how depressing this could be because I experienced this during my days of being a fresh graduate too; I had to wait for almost two years after writing my final exams before getting cleared for service, I couldn’t work because I had no document telling I’m a graduate, I couldn’t take up anything to learn because I was cautious I could make payments to learn something and the strikes get called off some days later, which would mean my money gets wasted as I would not be able to continue with such training. There are lots of fresh graduates being victims of this circumstance at this time, and they have nothing they can do about it, they can only wait and pray. If you ever wonder why fresh graduates get depressed easily, this is one of the reasons. This set of alumni is always overlooked in times like this, and this is bad.

Other set of alumni that suffer strikes but are rarely noticed are the old set of alumni who now want to go ahead in life and they need documents like their academic transcripts, Proof of Proficiency in English, verification of results and so on from their universities but the schools are on almost 100% shut down because every one is on strike, hence, these people cannot move forward with their life endeavours; people applying for postgraduate programmes outside the country and needing their documents from their previous local university can only hope the strikes are called off soon. The schools they are applying to aren’t on strike and their calendar would not wait on applicants whose documents can’t be made ready already because their previous schools are on strike. Employees who have been asked by their employers to provide their academic transcripts and have been given a deadline are not able to do that because their schools are on strike. This set of alumni are not one of the things that bother the government, but they should really be paid better attention to as this is a set of people who already have what to contribute to the economy or to the country somehow, but they cannot do that because they have been held down by the system.

It is understandable why unions would agitate and go on strike—especially in this our Nigeria, but schools management need to already develop some kind of mechanisms that would reduce the effects of these actions on the alumni body—especially when it comes to documents production, schools should never let anything whatsoever come in the ways of that. Schools management can contract independent bodies to keep the business of documents production going, or contract parts of their employees who are on strike to keep the documents production business going. We cannot keep shutting down the transcripts production system! This never and will never have any time it doesn’t try to ruin the lives of people who are promising to be of good benefits to Nigeria; even when a good-large part of them who are running abroad think they are escaping the country to never come back, they still end up being a good source of income to the country, so it’s never a loss for Nigeria. This system needs to do something about universities usually getting shut down, and it must also look deeper into avoiding any shut down ruining opportunities for alumni who are super ready to rise and shine.

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