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Monday 30 May 2022

Evaluation Body to Evaluate your Results [NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, EVAULATION]

 Evaluation Body to Evaluate your Results

Your inquiry into which one of all the evaluation bodies is the best for you begins as soon as you start considering emigration to study or/and work in some European and American countries; although, I can’t say this about everyone in this demography, but I can say this about the ones who are truly serious about traveling abroad to study or/and work, this is because I have encountered some people who just chose an evaluation body because they found it online or they know someone who used the evaluation body, then they would have to apply to another evaluation body when they learn the country, the institution they are aspiring is not accepting the evaluation body they used. This would mean when you are thinking of evaluating your results or the need for such arises, one of the foremost questions to ask should be “what evaluation body is the best for me considering the country I’m going to, the institution I’m applying to, and the qualification I have?”, because there are dozens of evaluation bodies ranging from WES to IQAS to SAQA and so on, but which one to choose should depend on some factors like application cost, duration of return, the range of countries that recognize the evaluation body, these are a few of the factors you must consider before choosing your evaluation body.

If you were a student with special cases while you were in school, like you had to transfer from one department to another and your school does not start a new CGPA for transfer students but only continue their CGPA where they left it at their previous department, you'd also have to be cautious of the evaluation body you choose, apart from these factors, you are good to choose any evaluation body that fits your interest. I have written a piece on how everyone just goes for WES out of dozens of other evaluation bodies without considering which is best for them (please read it here), I am writing this to inform you that, contrary to what many believe, if you are aspiring for Canada or United States, your evaluation body does not have to be WES, there are other evaluation bodies you can choose from. IQAS is there, ICAS, and ICES are there, and ECE too. In fact, a couple of these evaluation bodies do not only have cheaper application rate over WES, they also have ease of payment over WES, they have short return time, they have swift customer response, and they are well accepted by most of the institutions that accept WES. So all the rush towards WES when there is the need to evaluate document is not necessary at all.

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