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Monday 16 May 2022


 The Next Things for OAU Aspirants Now that they have Passed their UTME

At this time when OAU is on almost 100% shutdown—to mean most of the workers’ unions in the university are on strike and most of the usual processes and activities in the university are currently off, what should a proactive OAU aspirant do so as it wouldn’t be like they have passed UTME and they just want to wait as others till OAU says something—which is dangerous? Yearly, I always advise OAU aspirants to never have a reason to wait till OAU says something about post-UTME before they start making moves about their admission processes; there are thousands  (if not millions) of UTME applicants who chose OAU as their choice of school, but the 200/400 total UTME score required by OAU for an aspirant to qualify for their post-UTME cuts the competition down by lots of thousands to fewer thousands who will also have to compete in the post-UTME before the school’s departments would give out their cutoff marks to cut more thousands of applicants off to the level of having just a few hundreds or less per department. This would mean that from the level of picking up a UTME form and choosing OAU, to the level of admission, being an OAU aspirant would mean that you are competing with thousands of people who want the same thing you want, and there are a lot of things you must do differently and better to be what determines whether you win in the competition or you lose in it.

Picking the most suitable subject combination for your choice of course, scoring high in the UTME, scoring high in the post-UTME, etc. are factors that would necessarily increase your chances of winning in the competition (getting admitted). Added to these would be the fact that knowing who you should know and doing some underground “leg works” would increase your chances of winning in the competition (getting admitted) and winning how you want (getting the course you most desire). The implication of this is that scores alone aren’t enough to guarantee your admission (please note that I didn’t say high score would not get you an admission in OAU, I only said knowing the right people and doing what they need you to do, meticulously and on time would increase your chances of getting admitted). Please decipher this information properly and talk to somebody who knows better about it.

As at now that the school is on strike and most applicants would be waiting for when the school comes back on before they can start making moves on their admission processes, I’d advise an OAU aspirant to:

1). rather be proactive and start preparing for the post-UTME already, as OAU can actually announce the registration and exam date at any time regardless of the ongoing strike. So, you should get your OAU post-UTME study packs now and start studying for the exam already (we can help you get the study packs and courier them to you if you are far away from OAU/Ife);

2). sign up for coaching at a tutorial centre that understands OAU styles of screening (we would be glad to have you at our tutorial centre in Ife, and we promise to deliver success in the post-UTME and admission processes, read about our tutorial centre here. We also have hostel facilities for students who may want to stay in Ife and close to OAU to be able to prepare for the post-UTME better, read about our hostel services here). If you prefer a private tutor, please get a private tutor who has written and aced a couple of OAU exams—this would help you;

3). network with other OAU aspirants and join chat groups full of OAU aspirants like you, this would help you get informed, you can also confirm information in the groups; just be careful to not strongly attach to another candidate’s experience or strategies, what worked for them may not work for you; also, and importantly,

4). try to connect with people who are strong in the system from the level of your aspired department to the level of the Senate of the school—you would understand what I mean by this if you agree that in Nigeria, the people you know where you are going would determine how fast and easy the doors open to you.  I will not explain this more than I already have, but please do what you should with this little information I just gave you. I wish you all the best in the endeavour.

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