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Monday 23 May 2022

Solutions to the Problems Encountered While Making Payment to WES [NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, EVALUATION]

Solutions to the Problems Encountered While Making Payment to WES

Almost everyone who tried to make payment to WES for the evaluation of their results encounter some problems while trying to make their payment; the most common of these problems is the payment not going through and the payment platform not giving an explicit reason as to why the payment keeps failing. In the most everyday words, I want to address these problems now hoping somebody who needs this information would find it useful.

If you have been trying to make your WES payment and it’s been unsuccessful, I need you to know that the factor that is most likely causing this problem is the fact that WES has a quota of payments they (can) receive per day, and when the quota of a certain day has been reached, no matter how hard and harder you try, you efforts to make your evaluation payment to WES would not go through. So if you have been trying all day today, just take a break and try again tomorrow but earlier now; other things being in their right places, you would record success if you can meet up with the day’s quota.

Another common factor that could cause problems for you while trying to make your WES payment is the bank card you are using; contrary to how a lot of people think you must have a Dollar  card to be able to make payments to WES, you do not have to! Your Naira card can do the job just fine so long you are using any of the card types the platform accepts. Only that this issue of Nigerian banks having a lot of CBN procedures on any fund getting wired abroad and in foreign currencies makes the banks have problems with approving funds easily. So, this might cause you to keep trying several times before your payment to WES goes through.

These are the two factors people have repeatedly called us to ask questions on, and also the problems we have encountered a couple of times while trying to make WES payments for our clients. Just either keep trying so you can meet up with the quota of another day or change the card you are trying to use to make the payment to WES, you would have “payment successful” soon. We wish you the best of luck in this endeavour, but if you need anything at all ranging from your WES issues to your transcript issues, or other documents you need, please contact us on +2348139534187 or

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Solutions to the Problems Encountered While Making Payment to WES


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