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Thursday 15 October 2020


 Migration Credentials Evaluation: Why Always WES?

Most people don’t get confused on which of all the evaluation bodies recognized by CIC to go for when they want to evaluate their credentials for migration purposes, reason being that you can’t just jump into wanting to process traveling abroad; you must have been talking to people about it, and when you talk to people about what you need to do on your processing, they just tell you either what they heard people did or what they have done themselves, or maybe what they plan doing when they are ready to do such thing too. So it’s like a certain set of information being passed down from generation of people with the same pursuit to another generation and so forth. It’s just rare to have a person who is really serious about their traveling processes and they don’t already know what they want to do and how they want to do it—even before they begin the process. So choosing one from all the available evaluation bodies cannot be a thing of urgency; which if you think deep about—in this case of credentials evaluation and having to choose the same evaluation body everyone chooses—this could shield you from wanting to know about other evaluation bodies and what benefits they have better than the big guns.

I have been in the business of facilitating academic and traveling documents for a while now, and I have talked to a lot of emigration aspirants who believe WES is the only credential-evaluating body, which is always funny to me—especially when they are really adamant about what they know—because there actually are dozens of other evaluation bodies that could be as beneficial as WES or even better. Having done a lot of documents facilitation for a lot of WES-loving clients and hearing feedbacks from them, I can say categorically that WES is the fastest of all the evaluation bodies recognized by the CIC right now—provided your institution doesn’t delay in getting your credentials to them. Also, it is just possible that WES is the cheapest of them all—all other things being equal (other things like: how many credentials you want to evaluate, the kind of evaluation you want to do, how you want your evaluation delivered to your institution). I guess these basically are the reasons why people often go for WES and always advise others to go for WES too, then shielding them from wanting to know what’s up with other evaluation bodies. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, sometimes, it’s just better to go with the modus operandi than try to go a strange path and then you end up being the one from whose mistake everyone would have to learn from. But then, let me still try to point out to you the good sides of a couple of credential-evaluating bodies.

Closely, IQAS is as used as WES, also, it’s almost the same cost, almost the same style of payment, but not as fast as WES. But IQAS is really better for people whose institution delay in the delivery of credentials—which is a thing with most of the Nigerian schools. This is so because if the delivery of your credential to WES has taken more than 3 months, your attention time will have to “loop” when your credential is eventually delivered—especially if it is delivered in hardcopy. Normally, the attention time for your documents is within 21 days after the delivery of the documents, but when your documents took so long to deliver, at any office, you shouldn’t expect your application to still be “right on the desk” anymore, right? This is why it will have to take more than 21 days now; it may be another 7 days added, it may be another 14 days, but there will surely be more days added to your attention time. Whereas, if you are using IQAS, no matter how long it takes your school to deliver your credential, your attention time would not have to “loop”; your 14-21 days is still your 14-21 days. So for emigration aspirants having deadlines to beat, IQAS might just be the best option of an evaluation body.

There are other CIC-recognized evaluation bodies that are not even popular at all—this could be because they suck or whatever, I can’t tell, but of them all, I can tell that the reason why ICES is not popular is not because they suck. ICES is faster than either of WES and IQAS (yes!), responsive customer services and all. Only that ICES is way more costly than WES and IQAS, as—contrary to how WES and IQAS does their charging—each document you want to evaluate at ICES will add extra charges to your expenses, which makes it that as WES and IQAS average around $200 and $210, ICES averages around $240 and $250. I know that’s a lot of difference in cost, but I'm sure you will get what you paid the extra charges for. I'm not sure of this, but I’ve been hearing ICES evaluation has wider credibility and validity, as it is a government-controlled evaluation body; this would be beneficial to emigrants who want to school over there when they get there, as it opens you to more schools and higher chances of being offered an admission.

The thing to take away from here is: it just doesn’t have to always be WES, investigate a lot of evaluation bodies before you settle for one, check out the one having the qualities that suite better what you are trying to do with your credentials and the timeline you’ve got. Also, if you need any help or information concerning your emigration processes, you can contact our 24/7 available line +2348139534187. Wishing you the best of luck in the endeavors.

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