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Thursday 29 October 2020


How to Avoid Delays in Your OAU Postgraduate Programme

You must have been told something or read something about how OAU is a wrong place to take a PG programme if you like your time; everyone has been told something like that, which is why it’s really hard to find a person who is not skeptical about taking a PG programme in OAU; everyone believes it’s going to be really slow. The thing is, this is mostly true, and as I have written in a previous article on this topic, OAU Postgraduate College (PGC) would give you what you let her give you, that’s just it. But for the sake of people who might be finding it difficult to understand that statement, let me from experience share some tips with you on how to avoid OAU PGC delaying you on your PG programme.

You have to know that funding is the core of the factors delaying OAU PG students on their programmes; the college’s payment system makes it difficult for your programme to move forward when you are owing the school any Kobo. For any major advancement to me made on your programme, you have to be owing the school nothing. Most of the students are always owing the school, this is why they spend several years doing a programme they are supposed to do for just 4 or 5 semesters, or even drop out of the programme; this is just the truth. To avoid this factor affecting you, you need to either already have almost all the money you will be needing for the whole semesters of the programme or have a solid means of making money so your school fees wouldn’t be a problem every time it’s time to pay. If you pay on time, you are most likely to complete the programme, and you are very likely to complete it as at when due or very close to when due.

Your availability is another factor that will define how fast or delayed your OAU PG programme would be. If you are the type that’s always gone because you are engaged in other things outside of Ife, the tendencies is too high your programme can't be completed when you ought to complete it. If you will have to travel down for your academic activities and leave as soon as you are done, it’s very impossible you’d finish your programme on time. From my personal observation, OAU PG students who stay on campus have a very good chance of finishing their programme on time, the ones who stay in and around Ife also have the fair chances of finishing on time, but the ones who have to travel from very far away to come do something about their programme in Ife are likely to not finish on time, or not even finish at all. If you have other things far from Ife which you must attend to physically every day, please plan a leave or get an assistant before joining the OAU PG programme. You don’t want to start and not finish after putting a lot of resources in the programme.

Another thing that delays people on their OAU PG programme is their research or long essay (for those who do not have to carry out a research). I'm of the thought that OAU lecturers generally like to make you think researches and long essays have to frustrate you, as the frustration is what makes the research or essay look credible to them. So whether you like it or not, you are going to be really stressed out by your supervisor(s), and this frustration is going to make you leave your work untended to a lot of times, and for every day you leave your work unattended to, you are by yourself extending how long your programme would take. Just be on your research or essay always, try to have a cordial relationship with your supervisor. Talk to people in your department and at the PGC about your programme, and seek for help every time you need one.

Sometime soon, I will be publishing more of the things to avoid so your OAU PG programme wouldn’t be delayed. Just look forward to more write-ups on this topic. And if you need to talk about anything on your interest in any OAU PG programme, contact me on +2348139534187, let’s talk about how PEC can help you facilitate your programme somehow.

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