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Thursday 8 October 2020


OAU Postgraduate Programmes that Slow?

The most popular thing known about the OAU PG College (PGC) is how very slow their programmes have been believed to be, this belief is even more popular than the college itself, and it spreads even wider every day that now, there can rarely be found one person that doesn’t think OAU PG programme isn’t so good with time, and this is even differently believed from the belief that OAU as a whole is slow. But is OAU PGC actually that slow? Or even any slow at all? Flow with me as I tell you things about the PGC that you might never hear from elsewhere.

Though there is just nothing you can tell anyone to convince them that OAU PGC is only portrayed to be slow, and not even slow at all, but that is just the truth. The PGC is troublesome; they will stress the bejesus out of you. If you know how to get on the troubles and stresses and beat them, they will have zero hold on your programme, but when you allow these troubles and stresses frustrate you and make you procrastinate and abandon what you should do ASAP is when everything about your programme becomes really sluggish.

Apart from the mentioned, money is another thing that makes people abscond from their programme or end it later than supposed. There was when you could run your PG programme in OAU from beginning to the end without paying a dime, only that before you are cleared for graduation, you have to have paid every dime you are owing the school up. When the college eventually stopped that kind of payment plan and attach how your programme moves forward to how you pay your school fees is when people began to have problems with the speed of their programme. This means if you are owing the school any penny, your files are not moving to the next stage, and the longer your files wait unmoving, the more time your programme takes.

Most people who come to OAU for their PG programme come because the fees are low compared to most schools, and yet, most people still don’t pay these fees promptly; they don’t pay until it’s running really late, which causes a lot of delays and turn back to affect the timeline of their programme. But bad as it gets, these people will graduate or dropout and never mention that it’s their fault that their OAU programme was delayed, they will only sing one song—the well know song: OAU PG is slow!

I have been to the college and ran a programme or two there, so I know what I'm talking about. OAU PGC has it’s many problems—I'm not disputing this, but slowing students who pay on time and do what they need to do on time is not one of them. If you want to fly, the college helps you fly, if you want to crawl, the college helps you crawl; that’s how it works here. The OAU PGC is not even affected by most of the things that affect OAU as a whole—not strike, not even an elongated academic calendar. Even during the holidays, you are still running something on your programme. So there is no such thing as the school is on strike so my programme is affected.

If you like to go to OAU PGC for a programme, don’t let what people say about the college discourage you; just make sure you already have your money for how many semesters your programme would run, or you have a sure source of generating such money, so it just comes as soon as you need it. If you do this and do your work diligently, and have a fruitful relationship with your supervisors, your 4-semester programme will end at 4 semesters—I promise you, or at most 5 semesters, and that would be in case you encounter some problems along the line.

If you want to know more about OAU Postgraduate College, OAU PG programmes, or you need any help on anything relating to the college and PG admissions, and the processing of transcripts too, or the delivering of your application documents to the PGC and your department, you can contact me on +2348139534187.

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