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Tuesday 27 October 2020

When you Have Changed Your Choice of Course in your UTME but the Old Course is Still Reflecting on Your OAU Post-UTME (Nairaland, google, oau, postutme, post jamb, cut off, post ume, google, deparment, jamb caps)

When you Have Changed Your Choice of Course in your UTME but the Old Course is Still Reflecting on Your OAU Post-UTME

It is very normal that between when UTME results are released and when admission offering is over, applicants will have the need to change their choices of institution or/and courses, it’s very normal. But I have to tell you that this is one of the very rampant but overlooked reasons why a lot of people lose their admission—especially when it has to do with OAU. Read me right please, changing your choices of course within OAU is not a problem at all, it only becomes a problem when you do the changing of course at a wrong time; and there are so many wrong times to change your course if you are aspiring to be offered an admission in OAU.

Let me start from what should have been the conclusion, if you have applied to OAU but you wish to change your course you chose originally, the best time to do that is between when you register for your UTME and before your Post-UTME result is released. Anytime outside when your Post-UTME results are released would mean the new course you changed to will not reflect on OAU’s portal, and if your new course doesn’t appear on OAU’s portal it means you can only have your old choice of course you changed from on your portal, and that is what OAU would use to consider you for admission. If you are not qualified for the old course that’s appearing on your page, you just might lose your chance of getting an admission offer.

This is because OAU only considers you for admission based on the department you chose, in fact the first choice of the departments you chose, not the second (the reason for this is explained in this write-up: These Things About OAU Departmental Cutoffs ). This is why many people who change their course to another course with lower cutoff after the departmental cutoffs are released and they realize they don’t have the cutoff for the original course they chose end up not getting admitted. This is because the new course will not reflect on OAU’s portal. For emphasis, OAU only receives UTME data from JAMB twice before the admission seasons is over: the first time is always before the beginning of the Post-UTME registration, and the second time is always after the Post-UTME is written and it’s time to upload results; any modified data after this time wouldn’t get to OAU.

By the way, this should let everyone who just changed their course close to when they registered for their 2020 OAU Post-UTME and the new course is not showing yet that the new course will still show; as soon as OAU receives data again from JAMB. So calm down if you in in this situation. If you are one of those people who would wait till when the departmental cutoffs are released before doing their changed of course, please don’t do this to yourself—unless of course your legs are very long. I believe you know what I mean by that.

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