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Monday 5 October 2020


These Things about OAU Departmental Cutoffs

If you are an OAU aspirant or a relative of one, at some point just after the UTME or after the Post-UTME, you will definitely type something like “OAU cutoff mark” in the Google search engine, just because you want to know your admission fate or that of your ward. This is okay, only that most people don’t get to know OAU has never and will never have a departmental cutoff for a particular admission year until after the Post-UTME has been done and the results analyzed. This means if you are a 2020/2021 OAU aspirant, you have to know that whatever cutoff you’ve been seeing everywhere online cannot just be the cutoff OAU is using this admission year.

However, you can use the genuine ones of the spreading cutoffs as a guide to help you know what the cutoff of your choice of department circles around per admission year. Though while you do this too, you still have to be very careful—especially if you are still preparing for the Post-UTME—so that you will not see cutoffs from long ago that’s making you feel like your admission is already assured so you don’t need to work harder in preparation for the Post-UTME; there are years when some internal and external factors will cause a great hike on the cutoff of a particular department. Example of such years and factors was when the Faculty of Law lost their NUC accreditation, and thousands of people who choose Ife Law every year had to choose English Language now—to join the already-too-much applicants who originally choose English Language every year because they don’t want to go to another school for Law—causing the total applicants for English to be too much, and needing to be cut down by all means, then resulting in English Language having the cutoff that’s competing with that of Medicine and Surgery. If any applicant had relaxed because they’ve seen online that the cutoff of English Language is always around 60% and they had already gotten the good O/Level and UTME score points, then the cutoff for the year comes out and it turns out to be 80%, wouldn’t that be a problem?

So, when you see all these cutoffs online released even before the Post-UTME is written, just kindly understand that: first, they are likely to not be genuine, and when they are genuine, they are definitely from the past and most definitely not the cutoff your department would use this current admission year. I repeat, OAU will never release the departmental cutoff until after the Post-UTME is written and the results analyzed. In fact, it is from this results analysis they get the cutoff of each department from, and the formula for getting it is: TAS/TNC=AS


TAS = total aggregate scores (gotten by adding what all the candidates who choose this department scored in their aggregate)

TNC = total number of candidates who chose this department and participated in the screening).

AS = average score (which would be the cutoff for the particular department this calculation is carried out for).

This system of getting the cutoff is why OAU does not like to consider the candidates who change their choice of course after the Post-UTME has been written and the results have been released for admission to the new department they changed to, and also they don’t like to consider for another department the candidates who didn’t make the cutoff for a department they chose (unless a slot is used for such person). All these happen because it would affect the credibility and validity of the system of getting the cutoff such department is using. It might even affect two departments—the department the candidate changed from and the department the candidate changed to.

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