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Thursday 22 July 2021


 OAU Transcripts: The Problems ETX Had that TPS Would Inherit

From the day OAU disengaged ETX from its transcripts services and puts TPS in charge of the business, I have been looking forward to seeing what any alumnus of OAU would be happy about as a better change in the request, production and delivery of their OAU transcripts. It’s been about three weeks since the disengagement of ETX from the transcripts services after the hell many OAU alumni had gone through when they requested for their transcripts via ETX. I have observed a few things that I will talk about now.

Firstly, I would like to reiterate this, contrary to what many think, the delay in OAU transcripts delivery is not the fault of ETX, it is the fault of OAU. ETX only had three functions in the processing of the transcripts you requested for: (1) they take the order via their website; (2) they print out your order/application and submit it to the school’s Transcripts Department for the production of your transcripts ( a lot of things happen at this stage that can make your transcripts never be produced or be produced very late); and after the transcripts have been produced and vetted by the Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR), they are transferred to ETX, (3) ETX dispatches them if they are to be sent by courier. But if they are to be sent by electronics means, only the PAR can upload the transcripts to the database (something that works like Dropbox), generate a link for it, and then send the link to the receiver which they would use to download the transcripts from the database one time.

I have shrunk the processes of the transcripts, but from what I have mentioned, you should be able to notice that after your transcripts application had been printed out by ETX and submitted to the Transcripts Department, ETX does not know what’s up about your transcripts anymore until it is transferred back to them for dispatch (if it is a paper transcripts to be sent via courier). This is why ETX doesn’t have any update to give their customers after the “Alumni Approved, Searching for Records”. This also explains why they cannot give out numbers or email addresses for their customers to contact, and even when you send them a message via the ETX platform, they can only send you a message that would not relate to what is going on about your transcripts, and it’s because they do not know. They can only send generic messages.

Now, from what has been pointed out about how things could go wrong during the production of your transcripts, I hope it is noted that this means during the production of your transcripts by the Transcripts Department (which would involve several offices), if anything goes wrong at any of these stages, you may never get your transcripts. And at least 60% of the times, something goes wrong. If OAU transcripts services would improve, the things that go wrong during the production of the transcripts must be fixed, not just about changing who is in charge of the transcripts services. I have been expecting some changes in terms of this but I have not seen much. This means TPS would still have this problem too.

If the OAU results database that’s always crashing doesn’t stop crashing, nothing is going to change. If the results that have been lost during the previous crashes are not found from the papers and the departments and re-uploaded to every new database they introduce, the problem is going to remain the same. If the staffs of the Transcripts Department would not get up and go help the persons requesting for their transcripts collate their results at their department, this problem would remain the same. If the staffs at the department don’t take the collation of results seriously, the problem is going to remain the same. So ETX or TPS, if the causes of the problems aren’t solved, changing the company is in charge of the works might not bring much change.

In the aspect of communication, which ETX was bad at, TPS would still have that problem too, and here is why; just like ETX, OAU is never good at information. You can imagine how long it took for OAU to have a social media account (I think they joined Twitter in 2019 or 2020). The OAU website is rarely updated. So I do not expect the information culture to suddenly change; people who are expecting their transcripts are still going to be left in the dark about the processing or their transcripts, and these people would need to know if something is wrong about their results so that they can send people to go help them out in doing things that need to be done instead of waiting for their transcripts that may never come.

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