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Friday 11 August 2023


 Application for OAU Pre-Degree

For students who have passed their O/Level exam and they have 5 credits in the related subjects to their aspired discipline in the university, this is to inform you that OAU’s pre-degree entrance form is still open till 17th August, 2023; this is the date the first batch of screening would be done for those who have applied earlier on. I said first batch because after the entrance exam is done, OAU usually opens the form for sale again (with a little bit of increment in price sometimes) and then they conduct another screening on those who applied late. This usually is OAUCDL waiting for OAU to conduct their Post-UTME and release results first, so that Post-UTME candidates who didn’t do well in the Post-UTME and still want OAU can still apply for the pre-degree programme; sometimes the OAUCDL even wait for OAU to finish releasing admission list before they conduct their second entrance exam for those who may have lost the OAU admission for that year but they want to put in for the pre-degree. By the way, OAUCDL (OAU Centre for Distance Learning) is the unit of OAU that handles most, if not all, of the OAU programmes that are digitally taught, taught at centres far away from the school, taught on part-time bases, diploma issuing programmes and so on, so they are in charge of OAU’s pre-degree programme. If you want to apply for the pre-degree programme now, here is the form to fill CLICK HERE..

If you are interested in knowing more about OAU pre-degree programme, I’m pleased to tell you that this is the surest means of gaining admission to OAU; apart from the fact that for the two contacts (semesters) the programme would last for, you at the very entrance stage know the average score you need  to get at the end of the programme for you to be able to get your desired course, and if you can’t meet up with such score, you also know the exact score you have to get at the end of the programme so that you are qualified for any admission into the school—even if you would not be getting your desired course. Another reason why this programme is the surest path to gaining admission to OAU is because OAU has special preferences for their pre-degree and JUPEB candidates, so the percentage of admission slots they reserve for them is very high; rarely can you find anyone who did the OAU pre-degree or JUPEB programme and they didn’t end up getting admitted. It might not be to the programme they desire, but they mostly get admitted. If you are convinced now you want to take the programme, just go ahead and apply HERE. See you on campus when you pass the entrance screening.

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