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Tuesday 8 August 2023

Maybe It’s Professional Transcript you Need not Academic Transcript

 Maybe It’s Professional Transcript you Need not Academic Transcript

The thing about transcript is that most alumni don’t know the types of them we have; most alumni don’t even know what a transcript is until they need one. This makes it legit to assume that most alumni, when they need their transcript, don’t know which one they they—the academic transcript or the professional transcript; this write-up aims to differentiate between the two, so that you know exactly what you are looking for instead of looking for everything everywhere. First off, your academic transcript is provided by your school’s Transcript Department as authorized by your school’s Senate and in collaboration with your school’s Exams and Records. Academic transcripts can be official or unofficial; official transcripts are sent directly by the school to an establishment; unofficial transcripts are sent by the school to an individual (if an official transcript is received and opened by a body it wasn’t addressed to, it becomes unofficial to the body it was addressed to). Meanwhile a professional transcript is totally official, but half of it is prepared by the Transcript Department in collaboration with the Exams and Records as authorized by the Senate, and the other half of it is prepared by your department.

The first half of a professional transcript is your academic transcript; it contains reports on your programme, its duration, your biodata, the courses you took, their outlines, their units, the grades you had in them, and any official thing that you did and any official thing that happened to you during your programme; this part is sent to your department by the Transcript Department. You department is then obliged to add the second half to it which would make it a professional transcript; the things to add to it by your department include: the range of courses you had to choose from, their outlines, their units, their teaching duration, measurable expectations of each of the courses and their outlines, what you are capable of at the fulfilment of all the requirements of your programme. Your department then sends this document directly to the institution where you need it (this is what makes it official), or if another body is receiving it first they must not open it before it gets to the institution it’s addressed to. A professional transcript is usually needed by graduates of professional courses like: Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Medical Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, etc. A professional transcript is rarely needed by graduates from other disciplines; the academic transcript coupled with the departmental handbook or manual is okay with most programmes.

So if your programme is professional and you need your transcript at a professional body (especially abroad and for immigration purposes via work), it is most likely what they need from you is a professional transcript. To save you of money and time, just talk to an educational consultant or your emigration agent before requesting for your transcript, by this you would know exactly what you are doing and how best to go about it. You can talk to us via or +2348139534187 for advice or help on getting any of the documents discussed above.

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