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Friday 18 August 2023


Important Information on OAU’s 2023/2024 UTME/DE Admissions

Like I always say, one of the core things that make a lot of OAU aspirants not get admitted is the lack of on-time and/or accurate information—even when they have everything qualifying them for the admission. What this means is that you can score high in the UTME, score high in the Post-UTME, have the best of O/Level results and still end up not getting admitted just because you missed a little detail somewhere. There was the time in OAU when not shading the four corners of your Post-UTME shading paper would get your answer sheet rejected automatically, thereby marking you as absent in the Post-UTME and automatically disqualifying you from being considered for an admission in OAU—even when you have high scores in the O/Levels and your UTME. There was also the time when writing Commerce in the UTME would get you shocked at the Post-UTME hall when you realize your Post-UTME question sheet doesn’t have Commerce and you must write the subjects you wrote in UTME; so automatically, just because you weren’t aware OAU doesn’t recognize Commerce for admission you would end up losing an admission you are qualified for. These instances I just mentioned have changed now, but there are always new instances that make people lose admission in OAU.

For the 2023/2024 admission session, I want to discuss one situation that would make so many OAU aspirants not get admitted this year even when their scores are good enough to qualify for a university admission. The Post-UTME is fast-approaching, in fact the registration for it is currently going on, but many people who have chosen OAU as their first choice and have scored at least 200 in the UTME as the school requires do not know that this year’s OAU admission race is not  the race to enter with the average points; this year’s admission race is strictly for people who have—as par what they have applied for—scored crazily high in their O/Levels, UTME, and consequently in their Post-UTME, or they have not scored really high but they know people. The reason for this is that OAU is only admitting 40% of their admission quota from the 2023/2024 applicants, they have admitted 60% of the quota from the 2022/2023 applicants. I hope you understand this is not me saying OAU is only admitting 40% of the 2023/2024 applicants? Because this is me actually saying OAU has their quota—as directed by NUC—which they should admit per one academic session, and because OAU needs to merge the 2022/2023 and the 2023/2024 applicants together in one academic session. Like I said, they have admitted 60% of the quota from the 2022/2023 admission session, and the 60% from 2022/2023 admission session and the 40% from the 2023/2024 admission session are to resume together in October 2023 for the 2023/2024 academic session. Are you seeing why the 2023/2024 admission selection process is going to be a war? You must score very high or have the longest legs to be part of the 40%.

Further explained, NUC has an admission quota for every university, this is so that universities don’t over admit students than they have resources for per academic session. I do not know the current quota for OAU, but I know there was when the quota was 7,500 but OAU defiantly admitted 9,000 or thereabouts. I also know there was when the quota was 11,000 but OAU defiantly admitted 16,000+ and NUC had to force them to reduce it to 14,000 thereabouts. So we all know OAU would disobey NUC again for this academic session. Let’s say NUC’s quota for OAU this academic session is 15,000 (just having the wildest assumption). Let’s also assume wildly that OAU wants admit the total of 20,000 applicants from the 2022/2023 admission session and the 2023/2024 admission session to resume for the 2023/2024 academic session, this would mean that OAU has admitted 60% (12,000) of 20,000 from the 2022/2023 applicants, and they are only admitting the remaining 40% (8,000) of the 20,000 from the thousands of the 2023/2024 applicants who have what it takes to be in the number; like I said, scoring high is not all that it would take, legs, slots would be among what it would. Hundreds of qualified people are still going to be screened out somehow. May whatever extra step you take to secure your admission favour you.

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