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Monday 21 August 2023


 Authentication of your Academic Document at the Ministry of Education

It is important you firstly know that authenticating your academic documents are the Ministry of Education (MOE) is different from notarizing your academic documents at a Notary Public; while this particular write-up discusses authenticating your academic documents at the MOE, you can go read on notarizing your transcript at a Notary Public here if that is what you are looking for. On this one write-up, I will be discussing the processes of having your academic documents authenticated by the MOE, the need for such authentication and the things you would need to do to have your document authenticated by the ministry.

The Nigerian Ministry of Education performs a few of the functions of an evaluation body by its act of interpreting documents like A/Level Cambridge results, and other academic documents that are of the motive of being used across two or more countries that include Nigeria. This function is what gets the MOE into having to authenticate other academic documents like transcripts and certificates from degree or diploma programmes done in Nigeria but need to be used in another country. This is why a lot of schools and employers abroad would ask you to authenticate your transcript or certificate before you can submit it to them; this is so that they know the true worth of your qualification and the authenticity of the qualification.

Usually, the ministry accepts just any transcript brought to them for authentication, but you and I know that is amateur of them as anyone could just produce a transcript by themself and the ministry would just go ahead and authenticate a fake transcript thereby making it a document that can be used at a lot of places. I don’t know if they have a better process for authenticating a transcript now, but I believe it should be that if you need your transcript authenticated by the Ministry of Education, it must be your school that sends your transcript directly to the ministry to ensure a good level of originality of the transcript. If the ministry would continue accepting transcripts from individuals, then they should have a means of verifying from the school if the transcript is genuine or not before going ahead to authenticate it. After all said, you must know what exactly they are asking from you where you need your transcript—whether they are asking you to authenticate your document or they are asking you to notarize it; the former is done by the ministry of Education while the latter is done by a Notary Public. Don’t end up processing one document while the other is what they are asking from you. If you want to know more about authenticating your documents at the Ministry of Education, you can contact us on +2348139534187 or

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