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Monday 28 August 2023

Why Your Letter of Professional Standing from TRCN to QTS is Yet to be Sent [TAGS: NAIRALAND, TRCN, QTS, LOPS, UK, TEACHING PROFESSION]

 Why Your Letter of Professional Standing from TRCN to QTS is Yet to be Sent

If this topic interests you, then it is most likely that you have applied for QTS and you have paid to TRCN to send your Letter of Professional Standing (LOPS) to QTS and you have been expecting to hear from QTS that they have heard from TRCN about you but no. Otherwise, such topic as this wouldn’t have caught your eyes—unless maybe you are you just got interested in the QTS programme and you are trying to gather information on what you should know. Either ways, this write-up is for you. If you have applied for your LOPS and you have waited for too long for it to be delivered to QTS and now you are anxious about your QTS validity period, or you have only applied to QTS and you just want to apply for your TRCN LOPS, or you have not even applied for anything at all but you want to know more about all that’s concerning QTS, TRCN and LOPS, you will get what’s useful for you somewhere along reading this epistle. So read along!

To start with, people who have applied for their LOPS from TRCN to be sent to QTS and it’s been months of waiting and not delivered yet, you must know that I am talking from TRCN Abuja (where LOPS’s are made) when I tell you it takes about eight weeks for LOPS to get attended to after the day you applied online by paying the #60,000 and sending your documents to The reason why it takes this long is because, more than ever, TRCN is having a burst in the number of people who patronize them for this or that document—especially the LOPS as a document, because so many Nigerians in UK are trying to get a teaching job there and so many Nigerians in Nigeria are trying to enter UK through the teaching profession, and going through the QTS becomes important to such people. Hence, TRCN cannot attend to everybody’s request all at once, which is why they attend to applications for LOPS according to the month it’s applied for. As at today August 28th 2023 when this write-up was published, TRCN is currently attending to LOPS applications made in June. When we were in July, they were attending to the applications made in May. When in June, they were attending to applications made in April. This means you need to count some eight weeks away from the day you applied for your LOPS to be sent to QTS and pick that as when to expect your LOPS to be delivered to QTS. So if you are anxious about your QTS expiry date right now, calm down, TRCN will send your LOPS before your QTS validity period is over.

If you have not applied for your LOPS but you want to know all you need to know before you can apply, the first thing for you to know is that QTS is like an evaluation body but for professional teachers; this is where your teacher documents including your LOPS would be sent to and everything evaluated and converted to the UK standard of being a professional teacher. You are going to have to apply to QTS and get a reference number for them to recognize you at all. After this is when you would apply to TRCN for your LOPS and pay the sum of #60,000 on Remita to this body. You would have to upload your documents to QTS and leave TRCN to send your LOPS to them. Please know that LOPS is like an official transcript TRCN uses to tell QTS that you have been a good professional teacher since you joined them, this means you must join TRCN first and also be an active member for you to qualify for the LOPS. How do you join TRCN? Write the TRCN Professional Qualification Exam and pass, then get your TRCN certificate. How do you continue being a member of the TRCN? Apply for the TRCN license after you have gotten the TRCN certificate and keep your annual dues paid up to date. How do you get the TRCN LOPS? Get your TRCN certificate, get your TRCN licence, apply to QTS and get your reference number, then apply to TRCN to send the LOPS to QTS. The implication of all these is that you cannot get the LOPS lest you have been inducted to the TRCN, you have been licensed and you are not owing the annual due. I am not sure of this, but I think TRCN has a provision for people who didn’t have a degree or diploma in Education but they need the TRCN certifications. All the best in your endeavours.

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