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Monday 21 August 2023


New Conditions for Notarizing Your Transcript in Nigeria

Before we dive into discussing the new conditions for notarizing your transcript in Nigeria, we must firstly clear the popular confusion on mixing up authentication of transcript/certificate with notarization of transcript; please note that while authentication of transcript/certificate is done by the Ministry of Education, notarization of transcript is done by Notary Public (a.k.a Notary Club). Authenticating your transcript/certificate and notarizing your transcript have almost the same use, but which one of them you need to process depends on what the receiver is asking from you; make sure you are clear what you are asked for so you don’t end up doing the wrong document after time and money have been spent. This particular write-up will talk about notarizing your transcript, if what you want to read more about is authenticating your transcript/certificate, you should read the write-up that discusses that here.

Like earlier said, notarizing your transcript is done by a Notary Public; this is a process of legalizing your academic qualification, and it’s usually needed when you need to use the transcript to get a job or an admission outside of the country. The Notary Public is assuring the institution/organisation where you need the transcript that the document is a legit one. The need for notarized transcript went up in Nigeria as the “Japa” Syndrome became infectious and wide-spreading after COVID-19, now since there are more demands for notarization of documents there has to be new rules popping up every now and then so that the validity and credibility of the process of notarizing documents would remain intact or get stronger. Before, you could just take any transcript to the Notary Public and your notarization would be done for you in hours or a couple of days with no huddle at all. But now, Notary Public don’t take just any document anymore. For instance, they wouldn’t collect a photocopied or printed transcript from you, they need the original paper transcript issued by your school carrying the original signature and stamp of your school. So if you are about to apply for your transcript you want to notarize, do not apply for an electronic copy, rather apply for a paper copy because that is what you are taking to the Notary Public for notarization.

In the near future, I believe the Notary public would stop collecting unofficial transcripts (student copy), they would want the school to send the transcript to them directly (making it an official transcript), as this is the only means they can truly be assured that a transcript is genuine. But now that they are still collecting transcripts from individuals, just respect their new rules of making sure the transcript you are bringing is the original one as produced in paper form and stamped and signed by your school, not printed, not photocopied. If you need more information on where you can find a Notary Public and other things involved in getting your transcript notarized, you can contact us on +2348139534187 or; we are happy to help.

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