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Thursday 5 December 2019


OAU Postgraduate College Trying to Turn a New Leaf
If there is any one thing OAU Postgraduate College (PGC) is widely known for, it has to be the fact that the PGC is very unorganized and sluggish in everything. Everyone who comes for a PG programme in OAU is either a person who doesn’t know what they are about to get into or a person who knows but doesn’t mind just because of some advantages of undergoing a PG programme in OAU; example of such advantage being the relatively cheap school fees for a postgraduate programme. The most expensive programme in the PGC has to be the MBA Executive, and with just about #500,000, you would complete the programme, and with just about #350,000, you should be able to complete any other PG programme in OAU. That is relatively cheap compared to many other schools of such standard. Which is why many OAU PG applicants wouldn’t mind the fact that OAU PGC would frustrate them in every other sphere while they are on the programme. In fact, almost none of the students who begin their PG programme in OAU PGC finished it when they are supposed to, many don’t even finish at all. It’s a known thing about OAU PGC, you either finish your PG programme late or not finish at all, you can barely not fall in either of these two groups. In the defense of the college, they argue they are just “growing”, which is funny because it’s been since 1964 they’ve been growing.
However, the recent administration of the PGC headed by Professor (Mrs.) Ajibade from the Faculty of Education has been the stir the OAU PGC has been needing for decades. I know this great woman personally, and I know she shakes things up wherever she is. Since she was made the provost of the PGC earlier this year, there has been new policies, shuffling of staffs of the PGC, and in fact a whole new development about every of the programmes the PGC offers just to make sure things get on the speed now, and the sluggishness OAU has been known for is modified. If this wind of change keeps blowing at the PGC, it wouldn’t take long at all before OAU has a very fast and orderly PGC. Though this doesn’t mean the student would stop getting frustrated, that one cannot stop. OAU PGC and OAU as a whole are known for taking the student through fire so they come out shinning like gold. What I’m saying is, even though you will still get frustrated while and after running your PG programme in OAU, it is getting safer to be a PG student of OAU now, as there has been better orderliness so far, as well as good acceleration about everything. So stop having the fears that OAU would take all your time and apply for a programme in OAU PGC as soon as possible, you won’t die.

By the way, the PG application for the 2019/2020 session for applicants that would be resuming February next year if admitted is still on sale and would be closing this week (if not extended). You can still apply if you want to. And if you need any help about obtaining the form, filling it, provision of referees, submission of the required documents to the PGC and the aspired department as well as the processing of your transcripts so they are delivered to the PGC in due time and not get you denied of the admission, you could always contact PEC on 08139534187. Make the call now please. Thanks.

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