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Monday 16 December 2019


For OAU Students Who Want to Transfer
The time is here when students who were offered admission to a course they do not really like studying, students who aren’t pleased with their own performance in the department they currently are, and students who their departments really want to rip off because of their low performance try to process a transfer to another department, or even to another institution (but the latter is not the bone of contention here). and to avoid being one of those people whose transfer processes would not be completed, and those people who would have been discharged by their current department but would not be received by the new department they aspire, this write-up will be the pack of the things you need to know to not be unfortunate with your transfer processes. Every transferring student—no matter what level they are—needs this information, but needing it mostly are the students who are about to complete their first year in the university and desire to transfer to another department against next session.
As a freshman, when you are offered admission to a course you do not like really, you desire to transfer to another department as soon as possible, and you will surely have a lot of people promising they would make such transfer possible and even easy for you. But unfortunately, transferring to another department is never as easy as the ones who promise it make it sound. It is a very long process that’s also time-taking and risky too—if you are not furnished with the most appropriate information. For an undergraduate who is already above 200 Level, you may not need so much information on this because you are already so long in the system, and if your eyes have been as opened as they should be, and your ears have been on the walls, by now you should already know what you have to do and when you need to do them to make your transfer possible and easy. But basically, there are things every transferring student—no matter what level they are—should know, and I will do well to highlight them and afterwards mention the specific things to know for students who just completed their first year and want to transfer, and students who have been above 200Level and want to transfer.

1). It’s important you know no transfer student goes beyond 200Level at the new department they are transferred to; no matter what level you have been, you are starting from Part 2 if you transfer to another department. But for students who just completed their first year and are trying to transfer to another department, you will have to repeat 100Level.
2). Up until around 2013/2014 (the same session the CGPA for Second Class Lower was reduced from 2.50/5.00 to 2.40), transfer students had to start their new department they were transferred to with a new CGPA of 5.00. But now—after it has been learnt that such process isn’t fair on students who wouldn’t transfer—the favour of new 5.00 for transferred students was abolished. So if you are trying to transfer to another department, please know that whatever your CGPA at your old department is would still be your CGPA at the new department.
3). It is very important that you are sure the new department you are applying to are ready to receive you before you get discharged by your old department. If you are discharged but not received by the new department you have applied to, that could mean a lot of things ranging from having to stay a session off school to losing your admission. So get your processing right please.
4. There is always the rumour of what CGPA you have to have before you can be able to transfer, but the truth is, officially, there is no such requirement, but because the receiving department would want to make sure they are not receiving a student who wouldn’t do well in the department, most departments now require that transferring students have at least a 3.50 (Second Class Upper) to be able to transfer, and this affects Part One students trying to transfer the most. So, check your CGPA before you start processing your transfer and know the point the department you are going to requires before you embark on such process, so it wouldn’t end up being a waste of time. Also, know that if your CGPA is so high, it may cause your current department to not discharge you, as every department wants students who are doing well too, and wouldn’t easily let them go away to another department just because they want to.
5. This is very important, before you start processing your transfer to another department, check the JAMB brochure for the O/Level subjects requirement for the course you are trying to transfer to. Don’t process your transfer to a course you do not have their O/Level requirements; such transfer process can’t end well.
I wish you the best of luck as you try to go to another department, and I hope that—if successful—you would do better in your new department. And by the way, the Admissions Office just reopened the departmental, faculty and inter-university transfer form for sale again, and it may not last for more than few days this time. If you need any help in executing your transfer, you can call me on 08139534187.

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