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Thursday 30 January 2020


What Direct Entry Applicants Must Know About OAU
Forget whatever you have been told or you have read about OAU not offering Direct Entry (DE) admission to applicants who graduated from certain schools, or OAU being sentimental about the polytechnic and colleges they offer admission to their alumni who want to further in OAU as DE; OAU is a lot of things no one likes, but OAU is not selective of the schools they offer admission to their alumni! As a matter of fact, alumni of any school—so long it is an accredited school—can be admitted to OAU at any session, only that they will have to earn it; how to earn it or how they didn’t earn is what so many applicants don’t understand, which is why they end up concluding they weren’t offered admission because OAU doesn’t offer admission to alumni of their schools. This is absolutely not a fact!
OAU is only selective of your grade points and your class of graduation, and of whether the course you studied in your former institution is accredited or not, and whether your school is accredited or not. If all of these are okay, then you have only one thing left between you and your admission—the delivery of your transcripts and other documents to the admissions office before the admission processes begin! OAU takes the transcripts so seriously that no matter how much your grade points and other things qualify you for the admission, if your transcripts and other required documents are not submitted to the admissions office on time, you will definitely not be offered the admission. And this is where most of the DE applicants that are not admitted always get it wrong; they just fill their DE forms online and sit waiting to be told that they have been offered admission. It doesn’t work that way!
So if you are a DE applicant aspiring for OAU, please know that the school you did you previous programme at is not necessarily what determines whether or not OAU will offer you admission, what determines it mostly is the delivery of your transcripts to the admissions office on time, with other little things put in place. I should also use this medium to inform you that it is not assured any year whether OAU will conduct a form of test on the DE applicants or not, because they always fluctuate about that per year. So prepare thinking they will, and if they end not conducting any test, your preparation is never a waste. I the meantime, I wish you all the best in your endeavors to get admitted to OAU.

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