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Friday 10 January 2020


New Year, New ETX, New OAU Transcripts Request Services
I entered the usual ETX website just recently only to realize they have moved to another website. I wanted to be surprised, but I wasn’t, and that is because as we entered the New Year, I knew there was going to be something new ETX would introduce to make their transcripts exchange services better, or at least make it look like it’s better or getting better.
It would be unfair to not commend that ETX’s introduction of another website is a good thing, but to not be too fair and then start covering the truth that needs to be told about the inefficiency of ETX’s transcripts exchange services, a new website is actually not what ETX and the alumni of OAU who deal with them need at this point. What ETX needs the most right now is a better connection between them and the Exams and Records and all the Departments in the school, as those are the places transcripts processing begin to not get the proper attention they need for them to be swiftly delivered, and what the alumni need the most is a better service which has to include: post-payment ETX-customer relations (ETX needs to stop muting on their clients just after they have made payments), and swift delivery of transcripts to where they are needed.
Though the old website has a better user interface and easier-to-understand functions than the new, but the new—though extremely complicated and definitely built by people who don’t place understandability high on the job on the website—shows promises of better communication with clients, and a fair reduction in prices too, unlike the previous pricing system that’s an extreme rip off. It’s too early to tell if the New Year and the new website would mean better transcripts exchange services for ETX, because people are actually sick and tired of OAU and ETX jointly giving them problems beyond what evaluation bodies like WES, IQAS and the rest of them put them through. Let’s just hope this trial to get better really works out.

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