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Monday 20 January 2020

The Greatest Favour You Can Do Yourself as an Alumnus of OAU and Any Other OAU Alumnus You Know (TAGS: OAU, TRANSCRIPTS, NAIRALAND, EPORTAL, WES, ETX, IQAS, ECE, ECA, GOOGLE, EVALUATION, VERIFICATION)

The Greatest Favour You Can Do Yourself as an Alumnus of OAU and Any Other OAU Alumnus You Know
I will say this and I will be as straight forward as possible about it, the greatest favour you can do yourself as an alumnus of OAU and any other OAU alumnus you know right now—whether you like them or not—is to try to get your transcripts now (if you have never), and advise the OAU alumnus you know to try to request for their transcripts in advance too (if they have never). You all need to try to get your transcripts before you’ll actually be needing them, just so you know before the need for the transcripts becomes urgent what you are prone to getting into by the time you will really be needing the transcripts. I say this because:
Firstly, everyone gets to need their transcripts eventually, either for employment purposes, job promotion purposes, further education purposes or traveling purposes, so if there is anyone who has never requested for their transcripts before, it’s only a matter of time, they will need to, and they would surely suffer for it if you don’t pass this message to them or they see this message and see it as mere say. This is not a mere say!
Secondly, every other time, right from when transcripts request services were done manually to this time that it’s now digitally done, OAU always try to come up with something new that would make it look like their transcripts services are about to get better, but over my 2 years of running manual transcripts processing for people and 3 years since OAU switched the transcripts services to digital—which I’ve also been helping people on for that long now, there has been no time that OAU brought up something new to make the transcripts services get better that it actually got better, it just always gets worse instead of getting better. I'm saying, OAU’s transcripts services which I have been into for 5 years now does not ever get better, it only gets worse! So if you are an alumnus who has never gotten his/her transcripts before or you know an alumnus who has never gotten their transcripts before, do them and yourself this great favour, request for your transcripts now—even if it’ for you to just have a copy of it for unofficial use, and enjoin them to do so too. Just do it.
I must also put this in for alumni whose date of graduation has been as far back as before 2010 and have never gotten their transcripts before, I want you to know OAU does not have your results on any electronic database right now, every of your results and in papers in some unsecured room at your department. Just imagine fire catching where these results are someday; just forget about ever getting a transcript from OAU sir/ma. Also, for alumni whose graduation date falls between 2010 and 2018, your results are on the eportal, yes, but I regret to tell you that the database (called isis) hosting your results to eportal crashed in 2018 (with no backup), and the crashed affected results of most of the faculties in the school, only few students’ results from these faculties escaped the crash. Though a new database was introduced by mid-2019 (I can’t remember what it’s called right now), but please know that it is likely—just like the people who graduated decades ago—OAU does not have your results on the new database, your results are only on papers in a safe OAU thinks is safe but not really safe. Should anything happen to the room these results are kept, finished!
Come to think of it, a staff even said to me one time and I quote: “we move from buildings to buildings and offices to offices every time, in the process of moving, documents get lost”; are you thinking what I'm trying to make you thing about that statement and your documents? To cut the long story short, just help yourself and your OAU alumni friends you know, order for your transcripts now, advise them to order for their transcripts too. It doesn’t have to be when you’ll need it and then the unavailability of your transcripts or the delay in providing them would be why you lose your chance to move forward in an endeavour. A word is enough.

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