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Monday 13 January 2020


The Wise UTME Applicant
As the registration for the 2020/2021 UTME has been declared open today 13th of January, 2020, here is a thing everyone who is going to apply for the exam must know before registering for the exam and be careful of in their process of registering for the exam, because eh, it is alarming the number of people who lose the admission they so much deserve because they wrote wrong combination of subjects in their O/Level exams, have wrong or incomplete O/Level results in comparison with their choices of course in their UTME, and wrong subject combination in their UTME subjects registration. It would shock you too that to avoid these unfortunate cases is why JAMB makes sure everyone has access to the brochure that gives details on the schools, courses and the subjects they require in O/Levels and in the UTME, but because students must be negligent mostly, they go ahead to register courses and choose subjects based on their personal interests in the courses and their sentiments for the subjects they like to write in the UTME, and then high score but no admission is what ends it many times.
Most applicants of UTME don’t study the brochure before registering for the exam! And this does not mean they have enough information on the school they are choosing and their choices of course too. The funny part of making these mistakes that always cost them their admission they deserve is how applicants just go to the computer guys and start registering for their UTME based on the information the computer guys give them, not knowing that most of these computer guys are just like them—they don’t study the brochure too! They just provide information based on the little knowledge they have while registering for somebody else not quite long.
Requirements differ from schools to schools, and an applicant needs to talk to an educational consultant before registering for the exam. It would even be better if the consultant they get to talk to is around the school they are applying to; as these consultants always have the untold information about the school and the departments. For instance, many computer guys and many aspirants who like to study Management and Accounting (MAC) in OAU don’t know it is important they have one of Government, Geography and History in their O/Levels, and they must write at least one of the three in their UTME. So it means anyone who wants to study MAC in OAU must write and pass Economics, English Language, Mathematics, Government or History or Geography, and one science-related subject in their O/Levels, and they must—in addition to the compulsory Use-of-English—write Economics, Mathematics and one of Government, History and Geography in their UTME. Many of the students apply to MAC without having any of Geography, History and Government in the O/Levels, many of them fail to write any of these subjects in their UTME too, they just think one of Commerce, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Civil Education e.t.c should be the subject they need not any Arts or Social Sciences subjects. So they already start losing their admission from when they start registering for the UTME.
If you are an applicant, study the brochure, talk to people who can give you intel about your choices of school and courses before heading to the computer guys to commence registration. Before commencing registration, be sure already what schools you are choosing, the courses you are choosing and your subject combinations, don’t get to the computer house and leave the computer guys to be making those decisions for you. Be informed and be decisive.  Don’t by yourself deny yourself of admission just because you couldn’t spare some minutes to study the brochure and talk to people who know better. A word is enough for the wise.

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