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Monday 27 January 2020

Transcripts Stress and Transcripts Scam with ETX: OAU Causes and Allows Them (TAGS: ETX, OAU, TRANSCRIPTS, NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, WES, IQAS, VERIFICATION)

Transcripts Stress and Transcripts Scam with ETX: OAU Causes and Allows Them
Earlier last week, I was asked by one of the old alumni of OAU—who had read many of my criticisms of OAU and ETX on their transcripts service—if I feel safe knowing that there will surely be people in the management of the two of OAU and ETX who read what I write about them all the time on how they exploit and stress the alumni community out with their transcripts services. I know this too, and I’ve long known the answer to the question about my safety. I feel safe, and that’s not because I have anything or anyone assuring me that there will be no problem, but because I have the understanding that OAU—though an authoritative and a totalitarian institution now—still allows for criticisms. Even though they will do nothing about the criticisms to bring about betterment, they still let you tell what you want to tell. Which is probably why they just let me go on criticizing the school on everything they are doing badly without trying to punish me for being a loud blogger, and because I still enjoy that freedom of expression, then I will have to do this too!
My last one I published on how alumni of OAU suffer from the hands of ETX while they try to get their transcripts revealed the fact that the blame we put on ETX should not totally be on ETX—at least not 80% of it—as most part of the sufferings encountered with transcripts requests in OAU are caused by OAU and not necessarily by ETX as anyone who doesn’t know how the transcripts processes go would believe. To finish that part of revelation I did on the said publication is this realization I had late last night about how ETX collects people’s money and just cut them off like they just scammed them; I realized there is no way OAU doesn’t know about it, and below is why.
I don’t know how OAU and ETX share the transcripts money, but—being a businessperson myself—I want to believe ETX doesn’t just remit any amount of money or a fixed amount of money to OAU per time, payment has to be per order. OAU will have the percentage they collect on every order of transcripts made on ETX. Now this is where it gets funny: does OAU just collect their percentage of the payments on the order per time and not care how many of the orders were actually delivered? Yes that’s what I'm talking about! It can only mean OAU does just what ETX does too—collect money from ETX per order and gets less-concerned whether the orders are delivered or not. Charging the alumni too much for their transcripts and not even delivering the service or delivering it only when it’s too late is the biggest scam. It is a form of corruption, and ICPC and all other corruption-fighting agencies need to look into this already!

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