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Monday 6 January 2020


Admission Spree for OAU Applicants
The 2019/2020 admission session has to be the most delayed admission processes in OAU in the recent times! So delayed it has gotten every aspirant worried about whether they are going to be eventually admitted or not. Some are in fact already planning on obtaining another UTME/DE form. Even people like me who are in the system are only holding on to the knowledge we have of the fact that it’s only about 20% of the admission lists that have been uploaded on CAPs as admitted, and the school still needs to admit more applicants; no, I meant so much more applicants.
I have written in a previous write-up why there have been delays in the admission processes this year than it usually was, and the reason for that are the activities that have been going on on campus since November 2019, which involved every department and every staff. Thereby causing the delay in the school updating of statuses on CAPS to the level it would be left to JAMB to approve the admission the school offered and change the statuses to “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITTED…”but all these have been delayed just because OAU wasn’t ready for it, and now the school is ready, and they have continued on the updating of admission statuses on CAPS since last Saturday.
I personally believe this week and next are going to be for uploading the remaining of the First Batch and then the Second Batch of the admitted lists will be uploaded towards the end of January. Then anytime in February, we expect the Third Batch to be uploaded after the ones on the First and Second Batches have been asked to pay their Acceptance Fees and the admission offered to the ones who didn’t accept the admission or couldn’t pay the Acceptance Fees have been retrieved and offered to new people that would be on the VC List, after which the Freshmen will be resuming to school. These processes as described can only look long now, but it can’t take that long anymore since the school is resuming by February ending with the freshmen coming in first. It means for students to resume by then, admission must have been offered to enough people to call in for resumption.
If your CAPS status has been “NOT ADMITTED YET” all the while, just keep checking it on daily basis as this month and latest the early weeks of next month have to be when your status changes, and if your own status has been “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS, CHECK BACK LATER” for a while now, please check almost every hour of everyday, because it changes to “CONGRATULATIONS, ADMITTED…” so fast you may miss the joy when it’s hot, and you shouldn’t miss the joy of your admission when it’s hot. You worked hard to earn that joy, and you’ve been looking forward to it for so long. I wish everyone the best of luck as the admission processes go on. But if you still have to do a thing or two to facilitate your admission and you haven’t, please get up now and do something before it’s too late. Call PEC on 08139534187 for inquiries and help. It would surprise you how seriously we take your matter and guide you towards gaining your admission.

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