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Monday 15 May 2023

When is OAU Post-UTME?

 When is OAU Post-UTME?

One of the most asked questions amongst OAU UTME and DE aspirants at this time is the question of when OAU is going to be conducting their Post-UTME screening. This is because the competition is obviously high as usual, and lagging behind could make anyone miss their chances of getting admitted. People who are not used to OAU and people who don’t have anyone around OAU to give them the vital information needed may be found lagging behind in one way or the other; people like this could be learning about the Post-UTME just when it’s one week to the exam or even when they have already written the exam. People like this may not know there is a Post-UTME study pack they are supposed to buy and use to prepare for the exam, if they know about this pack they may not know where to get one. Some people would write the exam, go home and not hear anything again until all admission processes are over; they would come to school much later only to see “ADMISSION IS OVER” on every door. All these can be caused by lack of information, late information or misinformation. This is why as early as after UTME results are out, every serious OAU aspirants and their parents would already be on the lookout for every information and connection they may need.

As for the Post-UTME date, OAU does not have a fixed date for the Post-UTME, when they conduct the screening is dependent on a lot of factors one of them being how close we are to the session the applicants would be resuming when admitted; the school would not want the gap between admission and resumption to be too long. The school is currently on the Rain (Second) Semester, and according to the school’s revised calendar, the semester—which is the last semester of the session—would be ending on 20th of August, 2023. Resumption for a new session would be around October or November for the returning students, and around September or October for fresh students. The implication of this is that OAU must start selling their Post-UTME form in June or July so that they are able to write the exam by July or August ending latest. It is safe to start studying for the exam now if you have not started already, because OAU would announce registration for the exam and the exam date and so many people would be caught unprepared. Also, it is not too early to start looking for the slot you would need to get your admission; waiting for when Post-UTME results are released before trying to get a slot is the most dangerous waiting you can ever do, chances are high you will not find anyone to help you on this. By the time the Post-UTME results are released, everyone is now on the rush looking for help up and down, and by then the early birds would have gotten all the slots available; you would only get a slot after Post-UTME results are released if the person they initially used the slot for didn’t past the Post-UTME so they want to use it for another person, apart from this case, no staff would have a slot left after Post-UTME results are released. 

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