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Thursday 11 May 2023

Secrets Behind Admission Processing to Competitive Departments in OAU [NAIRALAND, OAU, ADMISSION, POST-UTME, POST JAMB ]

Secrets Behind Admission Processing to Competitive Departments in OAU

I must clearly state that this write-up does not intend to argue that OAU’s admission processes are not merit-based, neither is it saying someone who scores what they need to score in the screenings would not get their admission easily; all I am trying to do with this write-up is to point out that there are always many candidates who would have high scores in all the screenings and still end up not getting admitted—especially the candidates aspiring the highly competitive courses like: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Med. Rehab., Law, Accounting and Computer Science. Candidates aspiring these courses are always too much that even after the departmental cut-offs are released the qualified candidates would still be more than what the departments can admit; it becomes a race of who knows who.

To also consider the fact that OAU gives special preference to their Pre-degree and their JUPEB candidates than the UTME candidates, it reduces the available spaces that the qualified UTME candidates would have to compete for. In the end, the reality is that only a tiny percentage of UTME candidates who score high in the screenings can go home and rest without doing any extra thing and their admission would be given to them as easy as that—high score is not the total guaranty of admission in OAU, the school is too competitive than that. Also, high score is not the total guarantee that a candidate of any of the highly competitive departments is assured to be admitted—there are too much underground things happening around these departments’ admission processes that someone who has the cut-off and just leaves everything to OAU might just end up having to write UTME again, or at best they just get another course that’s not what they want.

If you or your child is trying to get into any of these highly competitive departments (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Med. Rehab., Law, Accounting and Computer Science), even if the candidate has gotten everything that qualifies them to merit the admission, my sincere advice (from experiences) is that you go all out, connect with resourceful people, make bold moves that would stand you apart from most of other candidates who also qualify to have what you are trying to have. All these is so that even when powerful people start doing things powerful people do to get what they want by all means, your chances of getting what you deserve is not pushed under the table. You cannot be aspiring any of these competitive departments (that rich people’s children and extremely intelligent people aspire) and leave your hope to just your high score, you would be surprised the number of people who have high scores and still get disappointed per year. Open your eyes, open your ears, connect and use your connections to seal what you want. Good luck.

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