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Thursday 6 July 2023

Why You Are Having Problems on Collecting your Certificate in UI and the Solution

 Why You Are Having Problems on Collecting your Certificate in UI and the Solution

It is not funny at all that when alumni are ready to collect their certificates from UI is when a lot of them find out that, for some weird reasons, the school is unable to provide the certificate immediately. We understand that our Nigerians schools have made it legit that your certificate cannot be ready upon graduation, as you would have to wait for at least one year before your certificate is produced, but what is difficult to understand is the school, after one or two years or even more, telling you that your certificate was “omitted” or was not printed. Even if schools cannot have your certificate ready as you graduate, at the very least when you come back some years later for it, there should be no reason at all why you cannot have your certificate—considering that they issued you a Statement of Results (“To Whom”) upon graduation. It should be that if you are able to get a Statement of Results that means you have fulfilled everything needed for your certificate to be produced and for you to be able to get your certificate when it’s produced. It is shameful to come back to your school two or three years after graduation to collect your certificate and they are telling you your certificate was “omitted” or not printed, and that you would have to do this and that and submit this document and that document before your certificate would be processed for printing (which would take several months).

Another bad case with collecting certificates is that some schools are of the habit of insisting that only the owner of the certificate can come collect it; I understand that security is the reason behind this (not wanting to give somebody’s certificate to a wrong person), but I believe there are means to make sure the owner of the certificate is aware of the person who wants to collect the certificate for them and they authorize such activity. Considering that certificates are not produced and given upon graduation, and it takes at least one year for certificates to be ready for collection. Considering that most graduates move far away from their school after graduation, it is ridiculous of any school to then insist that the certificate can only be collected by the owner—a person who have moved abroad and has no plan coming to Nigeria again may never be able to get their certificate.

Going back to UI and the unnecessary problems they create for alumni on collecting their certificate, the image below (as drafted by the school) states a few of the things you should do to get your certificate if you have found out that it wasn’t printed or it was “omitted”. I hope you are able to push this through or you find people who are willing to help you through the long journey. Be informed that all the documents listed on this postal must be provided before your cerficate can be processed (even when most people dont have the one on Number 3).

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