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Thursday 17 October 2019

OAU Postgraduate Admission Form for 2019/2020 Harmattan Semester On Sale Now (Tags: Nairaland, OAU, Obafemi Awolowo University, PG, Admission, form)

OAU Postgraduate Admission Form  for 2019/2020 Harmattan Semester On Sale Now
You find yourself on this page probably because you clicked on the link I sent to you as one of those people who have—at some points—discussed with me about OAU PG form and asked me to alert them when the form is on sale, or because you googled about OAU PG form and it brought this link to you; you clicked on the link and here you are. Now that you are here, let me inform you categorically that the OAU PG form for the 2019/2020 Harmattan Semester is out finally, and it will be on sale till 4st November, 2017 (for most of the departments). Now read every other thing you are about to read on here with great care because they are the information you will not get anywhere online—not even on OAU’s website., and because the PG students are never that much, it is always very difficult to find people online talking about anything that has to do with OAU PG. I guess that’s why I still have something doing, since I happen to be the only OAU-based blogger who blogs about the PG college (not finding any recent thing on any website about OAU’s PG programme should be enough to convince you of that).
If you are planning to buy the form, know first of all that you can pay for the form only in two ways: first being through your bank cards and the other by purchasing the NetQue cards relevant to such payment at Polaris Bank OAU Campus Branch. The price of the form ranges from #15,000 to #20,000 depending on the kind of programme you are applying for, and some extra charges of lesser than #1,000 may be added to your payment whether you are paying online or using the NetQue cards. Everything is easy to do at this stage and should not give you any problem. However, my services may be useful to you should you need someone to help you purchase the NetQue cards and have the PINs sent to you. I could also help you fill the form here and submit the necessary documents to the appropriate offices and in fact monitor the processes for you till you are offered admission. Rest assured everything will be done meticulously.
Also, most applicants focus on wanting to obtain the form but don’t prepare on ordering their transcripts as early as the form is purchased, and I must tell you, transcript issues make so many people lose their PG admission per session, just because they do not understand how seriously OAU takes the transcripts in giving any admission. No matter how qualified-for-the-admission you are, if your transcripts are not delivered before the admission board sits to decide on the admission or if they are delivered incompletely, you will certainly not be admitted! So as you are planning to get the form now, kindly be planning on getting your transcripts too. If you need any help on how to order for your transcripts, or you want to fast-track the delivery of your transcripts, or you want me to help you check if all your documents have been delivered to the appropriate offices or you want me to let you do the delivery, you can always call me for any of these.
I want to keep the rest of the information for when you contact me, so it won't be like I have given you all the info you need that you don’t even need to contact me anymore (na wetin I go dey chop if you no contact me na?). So, apart from everything I just told, if there is anything else you want to know about OAU PG admission, or anything you need to get done; I'm your man; I’ll do it as though you were the one doing your own thing. Contact me 08139534187.

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