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Sunday 27 October 2019


Waiting on OAU’s Admission Lists
As of today, OAU has to be the only Nigerian tertiary institution left yet to release any admission list at all, and that’s what we are known for—taking our time on everything. However, this could be a bad thing as much as it could be a good thing, as taking official things slow could mean perfection is what we are shooting for, or it’s just that our staffs aren’t swift about their jobs. But whatever the case is, if OAU is making you wait for the admission list, it’s only wise that you know why you are waiting and how you should be waiting. I cannot help you know why you are waiting—it’s in your decision you made by choosing OAU and working hard to pass all the screenings you have passed, but I could help you know how to wait, and that’s what I’m up to right about now.
As the UTME and our tertiary institutions are structured now, it is almost impossible for an admission seeker to be considered for admission by other schools on their choices of institution if their first choice of school doesn’t offer them admission. It’s more or less like you are choosing just one school and if that one school doesn’t admit you, then you will have to go do Change of Institution to put another school on your first choice of school so you could stand a chance of being screened and considered for admission by the newly chosen school. But in this case when all the schools open and close their registration for Post-UTME/screening and close it almost at the same time, it means if you failed the Post-UTME of one school or get rejected for admission by the school, you may find it difficult to find any school left to register for their Post-UTME/screening. Then in the case of OAU that likes to conduct their Post-UTME later than most schools, and also like to release their admission lists far later than most schools, it means if OAU doesn’t admit you, your next and only option may have to be the next UTME. So as you are waiting on OAU to release their admission lists, it must be at least one of:
1. you are very certain you will be admitted, because you beat either of the merit score, catchment score or the ELDS score, and you have done perfectly all you should do that no faults could be found about your application. But even at this level of qualification and perfection, I must tell you that you still need MORE to get courses in the Health Sciences, Law, and courses like Accounting and Economics;
2. your runsman or admission helper has assured you of an admission—even when you do not beat the cutoff, and you trust their words; or
3. You have made your decision to wait on OAU for as long as it takes, and if (God forbids) you are not offered an admission, to give up or just write UTME again next year is what you are doing.
It is not possible that you are waiting on OAU’s admission lists and how you are waiting is not at least one of the three mentioned above. But I must tell you that the most dangerous of the three ways candidates wait for OAU’s admission list is the second on the list, because apart from the fact that you have to really trust your runsman or admission helper to have decided to wait on OAU based on these people’s words and actions to help you gain the admission even when you do not have the cutoff score, you have also chosen to put your chances to write the next UTME on the line. This is what I mean, UTME registrations begin early nowadays, in fact the one for 2020 had already started, even when OAU is yet to release any admission list, it means by the time the Third List is released, registration for next year’s Post-UTME may have closed. You see what I mean?
Remember, if you do not have any of the merit score, catchment score or ELDS score, it means your name cannot come out with the First List, and that’s because the First List is the Merit List, and only the ones who have either of these scores mentioned above merited the admission, everyone else will always have to wait for the Second List and Third List. It’s still safe to wait on the Second List without trying to register for another UTME already, but very very unsafe to wait for the Third List without haven’t register for the next UTME. That is because: one, the Third List is a very very slim list; and two, it comes out much later—sometimes after the matriculation of the ones admitted on the First and Second Lists. So I advise you, when the First and Second Lists are all out and your name is not on them, please register for another UTME already as you wait on the Third List. I wish you all the best.

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