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Sunday 27 October 2019

Transcripts Order in OAU 2: The Problems and the Possible Solutions (TAGS: oau transcripts order request etx wes ece evaluation iqas nairaland))

Transcripts Order in OAU 2: The Problems and the Possible Solutions 
With no beating around, I’ll like to start highlighting why transcripts services are awful in OAU, and it is majorly—first of all—because OAU decided to hand over totally their transcripts services to ETX—a startup company for that matter. Not that it is bad to try out a startup company and help them grow, it only becomes bad when: one, OAU hands the transcripts services over to the company 100%; and two, the company refuses to leave the status of a startup company after five years of handling such big project.
OAU’s alumni base gets bigger and bigger every year, and the need for their transcripts gets even bigger too—especially now that everyone wants to travel to Canada and needs their transcripts for processing such thing. But unfortunately, ETX is not efficient enough to meet the needs of the thousands of OAU alumni who request for their transcripts per year. Thereby creating problems upon problems for the alumni who need their transcripts for a thing or two. All I'm saying here is, it is totally reasonable that OAU tries to take their transcripts to the internet, and also totally unreasonable that they removed themselves totally from every transcripts request services. OAU is a larger school than that, and there are even schools will lesser alumni base than OAU that still deal transcripts individually with their alumni, even when thy have also handed the service to an online transcripts delivery company.
Though the OAU management is corrupt, as it is most likely that some people in the management are collecting special bribes from ETX to keep them in the partnership with OAU, because I believe there is no way OAU as a school does not know what ETX has been putting their alumni through in getting their transcripts. However, there still can be solutions to thes. Transcripts order should be optional: you may order on ETX if you want to (which will favour people who can’t come down to Ife or who don’t want to); or come down to the school to request for your transcripts directly from OAU if that’s how you want it. This would reduce the clients for ETX and get them to treat every other client they have rightly and also improve on their services.
On the part of ETX, their major problem is that they have zero follow-up strategies, almost zero feedback system and customer care. When a client orders for their transcripts on ETX, and unfortunately there is any problem about the processing of the transcripts or about delivering the transcripts, ETX just normally leaves the case and forgets about it, without even getting back to the client who ordered for the transcripts to update them on the status of their transcripts order. The client who needs their transcripts would keep waiting for months and months for their transcripts to get to where they need them until they miss what they need the transcripts for. Even when the client tries to call the customer care, they don’t answer calls, and when they do, the respondents are never ever helpful! The solution to this is simple too, ETX need to have a customer care personnel that actually understand the management of OAU and can even before contacting the management give answers to questions from their clients. ETX needs to not just collect order money and not make sure the orders are fulfilled by all means, to this they will have to have a follow up team that will always go about solving the problems any client’s transcripts may be having that may end up sabotaging the delivery of their transcripts instead of just leaving the order where it has problems to not get back to it again. ETX need to improve on their feedback system, a client who orders for their transcripts online need to be getting alerts at good intervals on the level their transcripts order has gotten and information on what's wrong with their order when something goes wrong (that one they put on their web about your order is not even informative enough!). And to add to this, why must a normal transcript order take several weeks or months to be delivered even when the transcripts have no problem at all? I believe there are ways the bureaucracy could be reduced so that all paper works about every normal order could be done in maximum 2 days, and the transcripts can be on their way to their owner by the 3rd or 4th day. The completion of a transcript order should not take more than one week in the worst case! ETX, please up your game!

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