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Wednesday 16 October 2019


The Commonest Admission-Depriving Mistakes Jambites Make
Now that the registration for the 2020/2021 admission session UTME is on, I feel the need to publish this article to warn applicants of the likely mistakes they could make—at the level of registering for the exam—that would deny them of their admission even when they have gotten all it takes to get the admission. Not that many of them who even come across such write-up as this would even bother to read it. I mean, a student that doesn’t care about studying the JAMB brochure before registering for their UTME—even when they are repeatedly asked to study the brochure before going on with the registration, what are the chances that such student would want to read a whole write-up that’s meant to warn them of what their negligence and ignorance may cost them? Being in the educational consultancy business for a while has exposed me to different kinds of applicants who lose admission based on one or two mistakes they made while registering for the exam, and the kinds of mistakes they make. I will be talking about the commonest of them after this advert break...

Not Studying the Brochure: Most UTME applicants don’t study the brochure before going to the computer centre to register for the exam, they just decide these are the schools I like, these are the courses I like, these are the O/Level subjects I feel like using and these are the subjects I like to write in my UTME, and many at times, this negligence gets them into some admission trouble. Every school have how they offer admission to each of their courses and the kind of students they want to take in for each course, they have the subjects they expect you to have passed in your O/Levels and the subjects they need you to write in the UTME to be qualified for admission. And in fact, these expectations and requirements are not constant; they may change at any time. Because you used to know OAU for instance doesn’t accept Commerce in place of Government or Economics in the UTME combinations to study in the Faculty of Administration doesn’t mean things couldn’t have changed yesterday; things may change and then OAU now accepts Commerce and Economics. You just have to study the brochure before filling the form!
Confusing the Computer Person for an Education Consultant: Applicants by default believe the guy they go to at the computer centres to register for the exam knows everything about the school they are trying to apply to and about the course they desire, so they just leave the computer guy to everything that most of them end up not even knowing the email and/or password the computer guy used to create their UTME form. I must emphasize this, the computer centre guys mostly are not there to correct you on anything, they are just there to help you fill in the things you have decided to fill in your form, and many of them who even act like they know what you should fill in the form don’t even know the right thing at all. So you need to consult an education consultant before filling that form. An education consultant is in the best position to know everything about every school, or at least be able to get valid information on the things they don’t know. I will say this again, consult an educational consultant before registering for your UTME. Wrong entries will not deny you of your well-deserved admission o.
Not Paying Attention to Anything During Registration: Like I said earlier on, most applicant don’t really pay attention when the filling of their form is going on, they just nod their head and provide answers to the questions they are asked. I know this because most applicants don’t even get to know the email address used to register their UTME until it’s time to print the exam slip, and because the printing of the exam slip doesn’t require inserting their password on the JAMB portal, most of them don’t know they password until they need to do some Data Correction (Change of Institution, Change of Course and the likes) or something like that on their portal. We go through so much at these two times and when it’s time to register for the Post-UTME and their password is needed. We are always having to go through hell in recovering their password. And according to my personal survey on 2017, 2018 and 2019 UTME candidates, over 90% of candidates (of all these years put together) who have problems recovering their password end up not gaining admission to their desired school or course. You know why, when it comes to admission, not paying attention to your own stuff means you are careless, and most schools’ screening are programmed to screen out careless people too. Carelessness has a snowball effect, if you could be careless about your UTME registration, you would be careless about several other things and they will all come together in the end to deny you of your admission.
If the foundation of a house is already bad, the whole building is going to end up bad. If the registration of your UTME is bad, no matter how good everything else turns out, that foundation will always have its own definition of how good your building stans. Don’t be a careless applicant, don’t be an ignorant applicant, contact an education consultant, do your part in the exam and do it to your best capacity; you will have yourself to appreciate for it. I wish you well.

NB: if you have chosen OAU as your choice of school and you want to come to Ife to take coaching in preparation for the UTME, we’ve got you covered. Our tutorial centre is the best in town and our hostel facilities are conducive and comfortable too. Pictures speak…

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