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Thursday 26 September 2019

Pathfinders Edu Consultancy (Tags: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Admission, Post-utme, Nairaland, admission runs, oauth school of nursing)

Pathfinders Edu Consultancy
When you are hungry is when you are most vulnerable with food; you tend to take anything served—barely considering if it’s worth the consumption or not. Same thing applicable to education and almost every other thing involving official processes and methods. Wanting to get into any school makes you need the necessary information, directions and guidance, because without the right dose of all of these, you might lose even your best chance of getting even what you deserve so much. Relating all that to getting into the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), and you having a thing or two doing with and in the institution; I know, and you should too (if you don’t) that you need the right dose of everything and at the rightest time to be successful at anything you have doing with OAU. And unfortunately, there are always bunch of everything thrown at you from everywhere—online and offline—called the information you need, it becomes your choice whether to be gullible to these information or be smart to know which ones to take and which ones to trash so as to not be misled.
I should take advantage of this article to advertise to you that Pathfinders Educational Consultancy (PEC) offers services on anything you have doing with OAU and handles your case with topmost promptness and meticulousness,  and comes back with feedback and results as early as possible. Deal with us for your admission processes at all levels: pre-degree, diploma, OAUTH School of Nursing, undergraduate, and postgraduate, and for your ETX transcript orders and fast-tracking for WES, IQAS, etc. You can be assured of 100% expertise and efficiency based on 12 years of experience in blogging about the most needed information about OAU and being the only OAU-based blogger who does that. Be assured that our information can be trusted and banked on.

1. Dispensing most recent information and the most needed information about OAU admission at all levels and OAUTH School of Nursing admission too. You can follow our updates on any of the social medias with the handle @PEC_ng, or send a message to 08139534187 on Whatsapp to be added to the contact so you'd be seeing the statuses which are always informative.
2. OAU Post-UTME screening guidance and registration.
3. Admission processing into pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and into OAUTH School of Nursing.
4. Provision of hostel for UTME and Post-UTME candidates who like to come down to Ife to get coaching for the exams. Click here to check our hostel facilities out.
5. Tutorial center for UTME, Post-UTME, JUPEB, Pre-degree and OAU School of Nursing screening candidates.
6. Computer training for candidates preparing for Computer-Based Tests (CBT).
7. Transcripts tracking and delivery to OAU admissions office, ECE, WES and every other institution in and outside Nigeria. This can be fulfilled in just 3 days instead of the normal months it takes.
7. Sure-bet runs for OAUTH School of Nursing admission, from the level of passing the exam and interview to the level of gaining the admission.

Contact us:
Phone number: +2348139534187
Twitter: @PECngr

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