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Wednesday 11 September 2019


OAU Post-UTME, the Release of the Results, What Next?
While they prepare for the OAU Post-UTME, I always tell the candidates that the greatest mistake they could make about OAU Post-UTME is to let the past questions they study lead them to believing OAU Post-UTME is the simplest exam to write. Yes, that would have been true because OAU Post-UTME questions are actually very simple and very relatable and practical because they express the every day life of the candidates, but because of the simplicity of the questions, candidates always take OAU Post-UTME for a written joke, and they relate to the exam based on that. But then, the questions may be the simplest Post-UTME questions around, but the options under the questions are never what to play it. OAU Post-UTME is not in the questions, it’s in the options under the questions, only candidates who understand this get to pass the exam at all. Well, the exam has been written, the results have been released, the “Not Eligible” for admission have now been sieved apart from the “Eligible”, but after it all, what next for the “Eligible”? What’s left for the “Not Eligible”? Read the passages below carefully to find what suites your situation.

For the Not Eligible
If you have gotten the “Not Eligible for Admission” comment on your Post-UTME result slip accompanied by the red stamp, the basis of such comment is that there is nothing anyone could do to help you gain admission into OAU with that result, absolutely nothing! And that is because out of the 5 stages of the screening, you have failed at least 1. The 5 stages being:
a). scoring at least 200 over 400 in the UTME (this one shouldn’t come up on this list because you wouldn’t even be able to register for OAU Post-UTME if you hadn’t score at least 200 in the UTME, but since it’s part of the screening too, then it has to be listed as well).
b). scoring at least 5 out of the 10 points when the O/Level results are converted to points and summed up.
c). scoring at least 25 over 50 when the O/Level results point is added to the Post-UTME score (O/Level is over 10 and Post-UTME is over 40, making it over 50).
d). scoring at least 20 over 40 in the Post-UTME.
e). scoring the aggregate of at least 50% when all the scores are summed up.
Each of these stages is necessary for you to pass, as failing any one of them would mean you have failed the entire screening, you are not eligible for admission into OAU that session, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. But then—even though most of the schools have done their Post-UTME—there are still other schools to consider. If you want a state school, schools like EKSU, UNIOSUN and some other schools in the East are yet to do their Post-UTME. But if you wouldn’t mind any of the degree programmes of Adeyemi College of Education, they are yet to do their Post-UTME, and their degree programmes are coordinated by OAU, and in fact the degree certificate is issued by OAU. So if you are not eligible to be considered for admission to OAU, you should consider the degree programmes of Adeyemi College of Education, you are still under OAU if you could gain admission there. You could also consider the pre-Degree programme of OAU, the form is still on sale. You should contact me for more information on any of these recommendations.

For the Eligible
If you have the “Eligible for Admission” comment on your Post-UTME result slip, it means you have passed every stage of the Post-UTME. Be happy and feel like a winner, because it’s sincerely not easy at all. But then, there is difference between “Eligible for Admission” and “Admitted”. What I mean by that is, you still have at least two more screenings to pass before you are admitted, and they include:
a). beating the cutoff of the course you have chosen or knowing how to get through the cut off even when you don’t have the score that beats it (I hope you understand what I mean by that). If you beat the cutoff of the course you’ve chosen (or used your legs when you don’t have the cutoff), you would be offered admission. You however need to know in OAU, there is difference between being “offered admission” and “admitted”. You would only be admitted after fulfilling the stage below.
b). an offered admission gives you the chance to accept or reject the offer, it also still gives the school one more chance to still screen you out, and that is when the papers screening comes in. Having the required subjects for the course you have been offered admission to and the accurate documents needed makes you pass the last screening, and now you can be admitted to be a student of OAU. Until your papers screening is done, you are not admitted yet, even when you have been offered admission. So, even while you are happy that you are eligible for admission, still read this particular passage careful again, understand every little hidden information in it and do what you have to do. I wish you all the best as you try.

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