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Thursday 7 November 2019

Solution to ETX, WES, ECE and All other Transcript Issues (TAGS: OAU, PG, TRANSCRIPTS, ETX, ORDER, ONLINE, IFE, NAIRALAND))

Solution to OAU,  ETX, WES, IQAS and All other Transcript Issues
If you are having issues with your transcript order or the delivery of the transcript to where you need it, this write-up is definitely for you. So read and discover something funny about your transcript issue.
If that initial paragraph held you down on this article and makes you want to continue reading it, then it most probably has to be you have ordered for your transcript and it’s taking forever to get delivered to where you need it. If my assumption is anywhere near correct, then relax, I'm about to discuss the problem and the solution here.
If via ETX is where you ordered for you transcript, then believe me, the delay of your transcript is nothing to them, they like derive joy from abandoning people’s order till it’s either too late for its use or almost too late. That is said not to spoil ETX’s market, but let’s call a spade a spade so it knows it’s not a sickle. Let’s show ETX’s failure to their face so they know they are failing. If ETX has made you lose an opportunity before just because they refused to deliver your transcript on time, you would understand why I'm this blunt about criticizing them. Take this for instance; the idea of online order of transcripts is to facilitate the order and to make it possible for the owner to order for it anywhere without having to show up. But unfortunately, it’s not like that with ETX. ETX, despite their over-charging transcript delivery service, they still make you go down to your school about the transcript after several months of waiting to hear that your transcript has been delivered. I'm talking about 3, 4, 5 or even 6 months of waiting here. To confirm what I'm saying about what ETX put people through after ordering their transcripts, log on to your Twitter app sometime, type ETX in the search engine and see tons of tweets people have tweeted to complain online about what ETX is doing to them. In fact, let me help you do that! I will attach some snapshots to this write-up now; they are tweets from Twitter users about ETX and their transcript delivery service. This write-up continues after the picture break…

Like I said earlier on, these snapshots of complaints about ETX’s service are not uploaded to spoil ETX’s market, but we have to show the dirt to the eyes so they are aware what they’ve been doing. Now that it has been made clear to you the problem you may encounter by ordering your transcripts from ETX, or the problem you are already encountering, let’s talk about the solution now.
Being a problem solver, when a problem is noticed, it becomes an obligation finding a way out to it, and being an entrepreneur, it becomes necessary to make profits from solving problems, and this is where I come in to provide prompt solution to your transcript issues. Don’t worry, you're still ordering your transcripts from ETX, all I need is the reference number of the transcript you ordered and the order code, leave the rest to me. Instead of the months your transcript order takes before it gets delivered, I make it get to wherever you need it in a matter of days! You're sending the transcript to WES or IQAS for evaluation? Don’t worry. You need your institution to respond to the confirmation of your evaluation faster? Don’t worry. You need your transcript delivered to another school or even your school for a postgraduate programme application? Don’t worry. You need your transcript delivered to your employer? Don’t worry. I mean don’t worry, your transcript gets to where you need it in just a matter of days. However, this service is not free o. LOL. I had to make that clear so you wouldn’t contact me expecting me to be on the run for you without talking about my charges.
In other news, if you are trying to apply for the current OAU’s PG programme for which the application form is on sale right now, then I must inform you that it is important that your transcript gets to the PG College before the admission board sits on the admission. OAU loves transcripts so much, in fact, it’s no admission without transcripts. So if you are just applying for the programme now and you are yet to order for your transcript, just know your transcript is already behind the clock; it most definitely will not get to OAU before the admission board sits, and it will deny you of the admission you deserve so much. However, you can use my service too. I fast-track transcript orders and get it delivered in just a matter of days. Just call me when you are ready 08139534187. If I'm not answering the call or the line is not going through, just leave a message. I will definitely respond to it sooner than expected.

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