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Monday 18 November 2019

OAU’S Law, Med. Rehab., Dentistry and Botany: The Dis-accreditation, and the Untold Truth About it All (TAGS: NAIRALAND, OAU, NUC, UTME, CUTOFF, ADMISSION, ACCREDITATION, OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, GOOGLE,, JAMB, DIRECT ENTRY, DE)

OAU’S Law, Med. Rehab., Dentistry and Botany: The Dis-accreditation, and
the Untold Truth About it All
Everything I want to write right now is from the offices and also from experience. So please, keep what you have read on those Whatsapp and Facebook groups and the recycled misleading write-ups you have read on other blog sites for a while to get this truth you won’t get from anywhere else but on PEC-ng, and maybe also on other blogs that are always coming on this site to steal my write-ups.
Not quite long, departments in OAU received visitors—lecturers of other schools sent by NUC to evaluate the departments. They certainly don’t do that so often, because that was my first time of experiencing such visit in my 11 years of studying and working in and around OAU. NUC uses lecturers of one school to evaluate another school and give feedback on whether some departments should be offering their courses or not. It is how they grant the accreditation a university needs to be able to train students for a particular discipline. But me, I must make this comment about the so called evaluation done in OAU, it was full of episodes of nonsense, and it’s a means of wasting resources—money and time especially. The evaluators only came to eat the meals the staffs of the departments assigned to them to evaluate. It pains me to say also that all the departments—exempting none—were just running up and down to raise funds and borrow the facilities they should have from everywhere and anywhere, just to impress the evaluators coming.
But the running up and down to prepare some nice meal and some heavy envelopes for the evaluators was more serious than the run to borrow what they should have actually. The reason for that being that, it is actually the food and the envelopes the evaluators came to evaluate, the better the food and the envelopes, the easier the evaluation goes. Which brings us to the truth about the dis-accreditation of some departments, these departments didn’t “do normal”, that’s why they got the bad report that made them lose their accreditation. As an aspirant, this is not your problem, but I had to talk about it so you know the source of the problem. Knowing the source of a problem makes it easier to address. Now let’s address the problem.
As an aspirant of the departments having the dis-accreditation problem, you are thinking write now: “what should I do? Should I change my course or stick to the course and institution I have chosen?” I will provide my answers to these questions in the form of informing you of what the outcomes of this dis-accreditation issue would be, so you could weigh the odds and know which one to go for.
To start with, I must let you know this is not the first time some departments will be losing accreditation in OAU, but the most recent one before the one happening right now happened in 2006 when the Faculty of Law was disaccredited. That year, students of the Faculty of Law had to transfer to other departments. Those who wanted Law by all means with less care about where they are getting it from had to transfer to another school to continue their Law programme. If same will be happening again this session, it would only mean OAU will not be admitting students to the dis-accredited departments this session. Which means you will have to change course/institution as advised by JAMB.
On the other side, OAU is a very rebellious institution—the students are rebellious, and even the management too. So, there is the possibility that OAU will rebel against NUC and JAMB and still admit students to these departments anyways. Which would be a thing of regret if you have changed away from these departments and yet admission is offered to students who didn’t change. You will just end up being one of those students who wanted OAU but couldn’t get it, or one of those students who want a particular course but couldn’t get it, then turned bitter against the school and people who got the course they wanted. You don’t want to join that group.
This one is very vital and you must pay your best attention to it; if OAU will not rebel against NUC and JAMB and does not admit students to the dis-accredited departments this year, and you don’t change course, I promise you, OAU will not because you have chosen any dis-accredited course then offer you admission to a department you didn’t apply to. This is why you have to be very careful what you want to do about this dis-accreditation thing. You have to be very sure what you want to do so you won’t be scolding yourself for being too fast or too slow to make a decision about this when OAU eventually do what they would do about this. For us in the system, we can only keep watching to see how OAU will react to the dis-accreditation. You will keep reading from me about this. Let’s just keep hoping this ends well.

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