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Monday 25 November 2019


OAU Admissions: Why it’s Taking So Long
It is safe to think OAU is the only Nigerian federal university left that is yet to have all her 2019/2020 admission list uploaded, and this is not good for the anxieties of the applicants and their parents. Many of these applicants and parents—especially the ones who don’t know how much time OAU takes in doing everything—are beginning to worry on whether they or their ward would be admitted or not. And at this point, it is okay to have such worries, as waiting on OAU for admission would mean you have totally settled for OAU and—come what may—you would bear the consequences if it ends up how you do not want it to. If you are admitted eventually, lucky you, if unfortunately you are not, it would only mean you are writing another UTME, as there are no other schools left right now still doing admission, all the schools with name are done with their admission for 2019/2020. But why is OAU taking so long? You may want to ask. (Article continues after advert break)

Apart from the fact that OAU doesn’t rush anything, there are always official reasons why admission processes take so long in OAU, and this year has a reason too. Some applicants were offered admission some four weeks ago and everything has been on hold since then. No one else has been offered admission since then, and that is because of the NUC departmental accreditation going on in all the departments of the school right now. Every admission processes have to be on hold for the time this accreditation would last just so a department would not offer admission to people and then end up losing its accreditation and can’t offer admission to anyone to study that course, and then applicants who have been offered admission to such department are rendered stranded and confused. For instance, see how the Department of Business Administration lost their accreditation just after the evaluation by the NUC officials last two weeks. Just imagine that people were already offered admission by the department already, what’s going to be for the students now? That is why the few names that were uploaded for admission about four weeks ago are currently the last names uploaded, and I assure you that that list if not even up to 5% of the names on the First Batch. Most departments have not even been uploaded at all, only Public Administration and two or three more departments were uploaded. Which means JAMB is not even done uploading to CAPS the First Batch OAU sent to them.
For people who are still having problems understanding how JAMB and the schools work on CAPS in the process of offering admission, let me say again that it is not JAMB that offers admission as many think. It is still the schools that release the list of applicants to admit to JAMB and the list may come in batches. While JAMB just scrutinizes the names on the list to make sure they are indeed qualified for such admission, and then they upload then on CAPS for admission. If you need to read more about how JAMB, the schools and CAPS work on offering admission, read this write-up "How the Use of CAPS Works Between JAMB and the Schools on Admissions"
To close this write-up, I will have to ask all applicants of OAU to be patient, keep praying and hoping it all goes well, because no one can rush OAU. As much as I know, as soon as the accreditation process is over, the rest of the names on the First Batch sent to JAMB will be uploaded on CAPS, after which the Second Batch which is currently in compilation in OAU would be sent to JAMB too for upload to CAPS. Let’s just say December and January would be the months for: the remaining of the First Batch, the Second Batch, and then February for the Third Batch—which is the VC List that comes out after compiling the spots of people who were initially offered admission but for one reason or the other didn’t accept the admission, and then the admissions are offered to other people. I just hope with you that all goes well and you or your ward is offered admission eventually. I wish you all the best as you wait.

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